Our Services Explained

Our Services Explained

Our Services Explained

About AP Autocare

AP Autocare is one of Bristol’s top car garages. We have been trading for over 40 years and still provide the very best in customer service that is possible. We are very proud of the positive reputation that we have gained over the years and we strove to provide our customers with a great service for their vehicle. We offer a wide range of different repair services on a huge variety of different vehicle makes and models. What’s more is that every repair, service or car sale is covered by a 12-month guarantee which means you know that it won’t let you down! If you’d like to know more on how our team of mechanics here at AP Autocare can help you, please call us on 0117 963 8916.

Our Vehicle Services

As one of the leading car garages in Bristol, we offer a massive range of car-related services so that you are able to keep your vehicle in running order. Check out our range of services below:


Having your car or other vehicle serviced is vital to the running and the general health of your car. During a service, our highly trained car mechanics check over a set list of components on your vehicle and provide you with a full report of each. They are then able to advise you on any repair work that your vehicle may require for it to be able to perform to it’s best as well as be safe on the roads. Here at AP Autocare, we offer two different car services that are suitable for any vehicle over 5 years of age. 

Standard Interim Service for £120 – During this service, the basic components of your vehicle are checked, plus a replacement oil filter is included, with a full oil refill also.

Standard Full Service for £239 – During this service, it includes all parts that an interim service checks and replaces, plus your air filter, fuel filter and spark plugs are all changed, on top of more in-depth checks throughout your vehicle.


Every vehicle on the roads of the UK must have an MOT. An MOT certifies that your vehicle is safe to be on the road. Your vehicle must go through an MOT every year and be certified by a qualified MOT centre, such as AP Autocare. We are able to undertake MOTs on a wide variety of vehicles, including class 4 vehicles, class 5 vehicles and class 7 vehicles. We also offer FREE retests on vehicles that we perform an MOT on so that if your vehicle does fail on a certain part, we can make any required repairs and put it through its’ MOT once more for it to pass for FREE.


Problems with vehicles is very common. However, it can be very difficult to diagnose and find the cause of the problem for it to then be fixed. This is why, here at AP Autocare, we have dealer level vehicle diagnostic equipment for big-name car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi Seat, Skoda, BMW, Mini, Porsche, Citroen, Peugeot and Renault. Our fully trained car mechanics are able to connect your vehicle to our diagnostics equipment which can then tell them what the issue is. Similarly, the diagnostics equipment can reset an engine warning symbol, if repaired, plus perform any vehicle software updates on control units. 

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is very important in the warmer months. It means that we can escape the heat and sit comfortably in our vehicles, especially in longer journeys. If you spot that your vehicle’s air conditioning isn’t blowing as powerfully or is emitting odd smells, you should bring it in to AP Autocare. Our air conditioning technicians are able to diagnose and can even refill 


Your vehicle’s brakes are crucial for your safety on the roads. If your brakes are worn down or warped, this can decrease their effectiveness when you apply pressure to the brake pedal, meaning you have an increased chance of skidding or a longer stopping distance. Our vehicle brake technicians are able to assess that current state of your brakes, including the brake pads, disks, shoes and drums, to check to see their current state.  They can then advise you on any work that is required to make them safe and usable once again.


If you drive a manual vehicle, you need to keep your clutch in fully working condition to be able to drive it. Your clutch and gearbox is made up of many different parts, including several cables, hydraulic release systems and other mechanisms. Our team of clutch technicians are able to check each component and advise on any necessary repairs.  


Your tyres are crucial for ensuring that you have full control of your vehicle and that you stay on the roads, even when travelling at high speeds. However, tyres can wear down and leave you with a little tread which lowers your grip on road surfaces. Similarly, tyres can become damaged from stones, glass and other items on the road which can cause them to deflate. A legal requirement of your tyres is that they have a minimum of 26mm depth on their tread over their entire surface. Our team can supply you with your vehicle’s correct tyres and put them on your vehicle for you. We also do wheel alignment which can be put off centre from general driving.


Your exhaust, especially so if it is a diesel car, prevents most toxic fumes from your engine escaping into the air around us. If you notice that your exhaust is knocking or producing thick black smoke, you should bring your vehicle into our garage in Bristol so that one of our technicians can undertake a number of tests on it. 


If you’d like to give your car more power and improve its performance, then remapping is for you. Here at AP Autocare, we offer different types of remapping and tuning depending on the type of result that you are looking for. If you choose to have your vehicle’s engine remapped, you must declare this to your insurers.

Bodywork and Paint Repairs

Keeping your car’s appearance intact is as important as your engine. Car manufacturers do their best to protect your car’s paintwork from damage by applying multiple coats of paint to it, however, scrapes and cuts can happen and can drastically lower the value of your vehicle. There are different types of cuts that can occur on your car, and each one requires different treatment, or bodywork and paint repairs, and work to have it looking as good as new. This is also the case for dents on your vehicle’s bodywork, which, with our state of the art equipment, we can remove for you. 


Your suspension stops your car from basically snapping in half. Your vehicle’s suspension is made up of a number of different components that require care and maintenance to keep them in working condition. Our team of vehicle suspension experts are able to replace any of these parts to keep your car running smoothly on even the bumpiest of roads.

Steering and Wheel Alignment

Modern cars are mostly all fitted with power steering. This means we are able to control our vehicles more accurately and make it easier for us to perform manoeuvres such as parallel parking. Tyre wear and broken suspension can mean that your power steering is effected so that your control is of the vehicle is not as accurate as you would like or need. Our team use a computerized system to accurately make adjustments to your steering so that you can have full control of your vehicle once again.


Your vehicle’s battery, depending on the type, should recharge itself as you drive. However, if you leave the engine off and keep your electronic items on, such as lights, radio, heaters, this will use up your battery and potentially leave your battery dead. You will then require a jumpstart to get going once again. If you believe that your battery is low or faulty, bring it to our garage in Bristol for one of our team to plug in and investigate. They will then be able to inform you on the state of your battery

Car Sales

We also sell cars. Our range of used vehicles is one of the most extensive in Bristol. We offer different vehicles from a wide range of big name car manufacturers, include BMW, Porsche, Audi and many more. What’s more is that each of the used cars that we sell come with 12 months MOT, 3 months breakdown cover from the AA as well as all being HPI clear and fully serviced before being available. 

If you’re interested in any of our services mentioned above or are having problems with your vehicle, call us today on 0117 963 8916 or book online here.

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