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Suspension and Steering Repairs

Four Wheel Alignment


Welding Repairs

Suspension and Steering

Your suspension ensures a smooth, comfortable ride even when you're travelling on bumpy roads. Although, your suspension's primary purpose is to keep all four tyres in contact with the road, for proper steering, braking, and driving.

The suspension of your car is made up of many parts that work together. Among the most important parts of the suspension are shock absorbers and springs, but it's equally important to maintain ball joints, track rod ends, and suspension bushings.

Those parts become ineffective if they are worn. One worn shock absorber, for example, may result in stopping distances of up to 2.6 meters. It could mean the difference between stopping safely and crashing.

We've listed some of the problems you might encounter when your shock absorbers are worn: 

  • When braking, the car feels like it dips forward
  • Knocking noise over bumps in the road
  • There are signs of unusual tread wear on the tyres
  • Fluid is leaking from shock absorbers
  • Steering pulling to the side or one way
  • The car doesn't handle properly around corners

If your car has any of these symptoms or it failed an MOT on suspension we can check your cars suspension and steering components to make sure there is are no defects present. We will advise on any repairs that are required now or advise you on future repairs. From ball joints and bushes to racks and power steering pumps, we will repair your car and get you back on the road quickly and for an affordable cost. We can supply and fit replacement electric power steering pumps and racks, we can also programme steering angle sensors and control modules, which many other garages simply can not do!

Our expert technicians can help you with the following:

  • Suspension and steering safety checks
  • Replacement of suspension and steering components
  • Specialists for Citroen hydraulic suspensions
  • Specialists for electric power steering
  • Specialists for electric dampened shocks
  • Computerised four wheel alignment adjustments
  • 12 months parts and labour guarantee

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Computerised Four Wheel Alignment

Do you feel that your car is trying to pull to one side? Are you experiencing steering wheel vibrations? Are you constantly having to turn the steering wheel to keep your car travelling straight?

If you are experiencing an unfamiliar driving experience on the road it is likely your wheels and suspension are out of line. Wheel alignment can be out due to knocks on pavements or going over speed bumps and potholes. An incorrect wheel alignment can cause bad tyre wear and also compromise vehicle handling and safety.

We have the equipment to carry out computerised four wheel alignment. Laser alignment equipment is used for measuring and correcting alignment faults on both front and rear wheels, including tracking, camber, and castor. If you have suspension and steering work and require adjustment or just simply need it checking due to tyre wear, we can do that for you. Our technicians can check and adjust the front and rear of your vehicle, and also make adjustments to the camber, caster, and toe. 

Adjustments are made very accurately using a computerised system compared to standard equipment. All adjustments are made to the manufacturers' original specifications. We provide a printout with before and after readings.

Do I need a 2 or 4-wheel alignment?

A 2-wheel alignment is also known as a front-end alignment. The technician performs an alignment only on the front wheels, as suggested in its name. This may include a camber, toe, and caster adjustment. Modern cars, with independent suspensions or being all-wheel-drive, will typically require a 4-wheel alignment. We can advise you on the best alignment options for your vehicle.

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If you believe your vehicle's battery is not operating correctly or slow to start your car, we can carry out a battery test using specialist battery testing equipment. If your battery fails the test we can supply and fit a new battery to your vehicle. All our batteries are supplied with at least a 3-year warranty. If your vehicle has a battery charge status monitor we will reset this correctly following replacement. Be aware many others can not reset the battery charge status monitoring system - failure to do this will bring warning lights up on the dashboard.

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Welding Repairs

If your vehicle has failed its MOT on corrosion then we can help. We can carry out professional welding repairs to get your car back on the road.

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