Tyres and Exhausts

Tyres and Exhausts

Repairs and replacement.

AP Autocare are highly renowned specialists in car services in Bristol. For multiple years we have become very well established and trusted by all of our customers. Our hard-working, passionate for the job team take pride in the work they do and have a passion for the field of work they are in. With AP Autocare, our priority is customer satisfaction and ensuring our customers feel their vehicle is in good hands with our team. In Bristol, our car services are hard to beat, which is why we are trusted and relied on by so many in the area.

We are tyre and exhaust specialists in the Bristol area. If your car is in need of replacement tyres then look no further. Our professional fully qualified technicians can get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as we possibly can, with noticeable, efficient results. AP Autocare can source the exact tyres and match them with your existing tyres. Installation of the tyres will all be included in the price of the new tyres, so you will not be put off the service by additional costs.

It is recommended that each year you should have your tyres checked for your safety on the road. If you are curious about the condition of your tyres and need a tyre check, then contact our service team at AP Autocare now to arrange a time to bring your vehicle in to us. Our technicians will check the condition and carry out a safety report on your tyres – reporting on tyre tread depths, uneven wear, damage to tyres or punctures. We will even recommend if we believe your vehicle may also need wheel alignment.

Having your tyres regularly checked is extremely important for your safety on the road. If any minor repairs are necessary, it will put you at much less risk on the road and could potentially prevent you from more expensive tyre replacement in the future. It is much better to avoid taking the risk. Problems with your tyres could result in breakdown or hazards on the road, which will affect not just you but other people using the road. For a highly efficient and professional tyre check service in the Bristol area, contact AP Autocare and book today to avoid any risks. AP Autocare will assess the condition of your tyres promptly and aim to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Call 0117 963 8916 today to book a tyre check.

Exhaust louder or blowing? Do not worry, additionally to our tyre services, we provide services to assess your exhaust and perform necessary maintenance at the same high-quality, professional standard. We will report on the condition of the exhaust, mountings and brackets, signs of corrosion or if we believe there is an issue which would lead to an emissions failure. Does your vehicle have a DPF filter? No problem here, we have the latest equipment to allow us to fully check and diagnose if the system is working correctly or requires repair. Our technicians are kept fully up to date with the latest of DPF systems. We will never unnecessarily replace a DPF filter unless it is required.

Any damage to exhaust systems will not only make a running car more uncomfortable from additional noise, smoke or fuel consumption but make your car’s noise levels and CO2 emissions higher than the legal requirements. As well as the environmental damage and irritation, it could also cause your car to fail its MOT when it is due. Exhausts are prone to damage from plenty of different sources such as external knocks and bumps. Corrosion caused by the age of the vehicle can also be a cause of exhaust damage. With damage to the exhaust, you can usually spot it when looking, giving you a clear idea of any work required. Below are common signs that your exhaust may be damaged or may have failed:

  • Visible holes in the exhaust
  • Noticeably louder engine noise whilst driving
  • Excessive smoke coming out of the exhaust
  • The exhaust pipe hanging low or dragging on the floor
  • A knocking or rattling sound (this indicates something has come loose)

The exhaust does however run through the entire underside of your car, so it can sometimes be difficult to know for certain without your car being placed on a hydraulic lift. If you have any suspicions that your exhaust may be damaged, contact AP Autocare. We can assess your exhaust and do any repair work that is necessary at a competitive price. Having your exhaust repaired when you first notice signs of damage will prevent further, more expensive, future damage. Call us today on 0117 963 8916. One of our friendly team members will listen to your problem and come to a perfect resolution.

Our Expert Technicians Can Help You With The Following:

If you are experiencing any problems with your tyres or exhaust and live in the Bristol area, then it is well worth getting in contact with our specialist mechanics on 0117 963 8916. AP Autocare offers a wide range of services and is always happy to help. Common areas we regularly deal with include:

  • Tyre replacement
  • Puncture repair
  • Wheel balancing
  • Fully computerised wheel alignment
  • Exhaust system repairs and replacement
  • Emissions testing
  • DPF (Diesel particulate filter) systems replacement and repair

To book an appointment for your tyres or exhaust, please telephone 0117 963 8916.

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