Why Choose a Used Car Over a New Car?

Why Choose a Used Car Over a New Car?

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Statistically a car that is brand new loses around 10% of it’s value as soon as it has been driven out of the manufacturer’s factory. This means that if you choose to buy a brand new car, you are essentially throwing money away. This is why we believe buying a used car is best. Here at AP Autocare, we stock a huge range of high quality used cars that are all fully checked over by our experienced and highly trained mechanics before being put on display at an incredibly low price for you to drive away in. If you are looking to purchase a new car, choose a used car from AP Autocare! Take a look at our current stock here. Similarly, call us today on 0117 963 8916 or book online here and one of our team will walk you through our used car sales Bedminster current offers. 

Why do People choose a new car over used?

There are a huge amount of offers that car manufacturers throw at you over the radio, television, newspapers and other advertising methods in an attempt to get you to purchase a new car from them. These offers make you think that you are getting the very best deal possible and will mean that you are saving money. However this is often not the case and can trap you into a contract that you did not want. Everyone wants the newest and best product available, however sometimes the newer cars are not as economical, powerful or as enjoyable to drive as older vehicles. 

Comparing New and Used Vehicles.


With car manufacturers looking at new methods to improve our safety when travelling in a car or being around cars, the risks that vehicles pose now has been reduced. In this case, purchasing a new car wins over a used car. However, we aren’t saying that a used car will be a danger when driven on the roads but new technologies on new vehicles, such as pedestrian detection and blind spot warning now mean that newer cars are less likely to be a danger. Cameras and audible warnings can alert drivers of potential dangers around them to make them more aware when travelling.


Protecting the environment has become top priority for government and consumers, with petrol cars being prioritised over diesel cars due to their lower emissions. So surely new cars must have lower emissions with this becoming so important in recent years? Not necessarily. A few years ago, some of the larger car manufacturers Volkswagen, Mercedes and others were caught by International Council on Clean Transportation for producing diesel engined vehicles with higher than reported emissions. This meant that a huge number of people that bought these new cars in the hopes of having lower emissions, were actually doing the opposite. If those people had bought a used car such as the Peugeot 107 which has been tested and proven to have considerably low emissions, they would have been doing good by the environment and for their bank account!


When you purchase a new car, you want to have that new car smell and be able to guarantee that it will provide you with the performance that you require. This is why many people choose a new car. It hasn’t ever been driven before so is less likely to break. However, when purchasing a used car, you are also able to guarantee this. Here at AP Autocare, each car that we receive at our used car sales Bedminster dealership is checked over by one of our highly trained car mechanics. We also perform any repairs and give each vehicle a thorough clean through, including the engine, interior and exterior. This means that each of the vehicles we sell is practically a new car but at a much lower price. We also include each vehicle with a 12 month MOT and 3 months breakdown cover for peace of mind.

We are one of the most trusted, affordable and friendly used car sales dealerships in Bedminster and have been providing the motorists of Bedminster with car repairs, MOTs and car sales for over 40 years. In this time, we have seen a huge amount of new cars with issues, whereas older, used cars still running strong. This is why we believe used is best. If you’re looking for a change of vehicle, come and visit our used car sales Bedminster garage to view our range of vehicles. Likewise, call us on 0117 963 8916 or book online here.

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