VW Bodyshop Bristol

VW Bodyshop Bristol

VW Specialists in Bristol

AP Autocare has a car body shop in our garage and it is the best place in Bristol to take your Volkswagen for any bodywork repairs and maintenance. If you’d like to learn more or inquire about our car body repair Bristol services, call our garage today on 0117 963 8916 or book online here and one of our team will answer any questions that you have.

Our mechanics are all from dealer backgrounds so are as talented as they come and will have your car looking its best in no time. Our service is cheaper than taking your VW to a dealer garage but the price does not compromise the standard of service. Our VW service is both professional and personal. We understand that your car is very precious so deserves the best care and attention when needs arise or in annual services. You must take your VW to a reputable garage that you can trust. AP Autocare’s reputation is reflected in the loyalty of our customers. When servicing a Volkswagen car at AP Autocare, we ensure that you only receive VW parts and we utilise the latest state of the art equipment and techniques (the same as those used by the main dealers). This equipment is supplied by Volkswagen UK so that we can provide our customers with a unique blend of technology, experience, and quality.

If your Volkswagen car has been bumped or scraped it can be frustrating and leave your car looking worse than wear, therefore lowering it’s overall value. If your car is near the end of its lease or if you are looking at selling it anytime soon, it is important to get your car bodywork repaired and any services which are required so that your car is in its optimum condition. We have a car spraying booth which has improved our service and makes us stand out against other garages. The spraying booth is well vented and clean so that there is no risk of the paint, once sprayed out, spreading to other parts or causing the cars mechanics damage. The spraying booth is able to hold most cars, however, if it is a small section you would like sprayed rather than the entire vehicle, we are sometimes able to remove this part and do it individually to reduce the risk of spraying unnecessary sections. We can match almost every original manufacturer car colour so you won’t even be able to see where the damage happened! We evaluate the work that it is you are asking, and give you the lowest price that we can, which is often the cheapest price you’ll find around! This does not mean that our work is less quality and will not look as good as our competitors. We only use the highest quality paint and the latest equipment so our completed projects look as good as new.


In addition to our car body shop, we also supply a full range of VW car services including cambelts, exhausts, brakes, suspension, and many more. We have wеll equipped workshops аѕ well as the lаtеѕt ѕсаnnіng equipment that is required fоr thе new generation VW саrѕ. We аlѕо hаvе the ѕресіаlіsеd ѕеrvісеѕ оf automotive control tесhnоlоgу that аlѕо еnѕurе thе еnаblіng of fаѕt fаult dіаgnоѕіѕ, the setting of ѕеrvісе lights and other ѕорhіѕtісаtеd services.

As Bristol’s best VW car ѕеrvісе ѕресіаlіѕtѕ we aim to provide a high-quality level оf ѕеrvісе tо you. As well as our high level of expertise and customer service we only uѕе аррrоvеd оіlѕ and parts fоr the ѕеrvісе оf уоur саr. If you have any concerns regarding where to take your car for service – we welcome yоu to check our “track records”, read our customer reviews or just come in аnd meet us personally and we will explain how we еnѕurе that уоur Vоlkѕwаgеn gеtѕ a high quality оf wоrkmаnѕhір and service. We have live “webcams” in our car servicing area, so you can see your car service as it happens.

AP Autocare is a conveniently located car garage in the centre of Bristol. We were established in 1976 and have since become one of the most reputable independent city centre MOT and service centres in Bristol. For your VW car service enquire today by calling us on 0117 963 8916 or book online here or dropping into our car garage. 

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