Volkswagen Transporter Paintwork Bristol

Volkswagen Transporter Paintwork Bristol

Volkswagen Transporter Repaint Bristol

Volkswagen Transporter vans have been iconic across the world for decades and their legacy and relevancy has remained with us up until this day. They are one of the things that never seem to go out of fashion. Transporters have been used for centuries for multiple purposes, including for commercial use, for camping, for large families, and even more! The possibilities with these vehicles are pretty much endless! The van is so loved and widely renown that there are many festivals dedicated to it. The most significant being Busfest, which takes place in Worcester in September each year! One of the greatest features of Volkswagen Transporters is that they are highly customisable, in the interior and the exterior. If you are familiar with the van, you are bound to have seen some in the past with some outstanding paintwork designs, on new and old models. One of the most significant in 2016, was a man in Poland converted his classic T2 model to look like the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo! The van was seen at multiple different shows and events across the globe! 

Here at AP Autocare, we are huge fans of all models of the Volkswagen Transporter! For decades we have worked in servicing and repairing the vans in Bristol. We have also worked completing custom repaint jobs for transporters, which is also a great hobby of ours! If you follow our facebook page, you will be aware of the recent Volkswagen T5 repaint we have completed. The stunning T5 has been designed in two different colours, white at the top half and conspicuous lime green at the bottom half. If you haven’t already checked it out on our Facebook page, we suggest you take a look! Our Transporter redesigns prove why we are specialists in repainting Transporters! All of our highly experienced mechanics are always open to new ideas for the design of your Transporter. Please do not hesitate to contact us to pitch your idea and discuss the possibility of a repair! 

History of the Volkswagen Transporter

The Volkswagen Transporter is definitely one of the most famous and iconic vehicles to ever have been manufactured. It’s history dates back to just after second world war. The first Transporter to be produced was the Type 2, also known as the ‘split-screen’. Type 2 Volkswagen Transporters are still one of the world’s most popular retro caravan models and are by far the most iconic. The Type 2 was imagined and designed by Ben Pon, who visited the factory as Germany was re-building post-WWII. The factory at the time was under British control and was also where the Beetle was reproduced for sale. It is thought that Pon took inspiration for the design of the Transporter from the Plattenwaggen’s, which were the vehicles that were used to carry parts across the factory. 

Following the vans release, it showed great success across the globe and sales were rocketing. Since it’s release, the world-famous campervan has played its part in many movies, has been modelled in a multitude of designs, and to this day, more modernised versions of the vehicle are commonly being produced. The Transporters that are being produced in this day and age may look very different from the originals, however, they still carry the same legacy, purpose, and the original design campervan is still regularly being drove across the world. 

Volkswagen Transporter Design

The most common design of classic Volkswagen Transporter vehicles is two colours; usually a lighter colour at the top, and a darker at the bottom. This is the design that we completed on our two initial Volkswagen Transport designs and the design that originally came with the first Volkswagen Transporters, however, this is not the only common Transporter design. Transporters are highly renown for the crazy designs that people spray them with. This is because the vans became highly popular during the mass hippie movement in the United States in the 60s and 70s. A stereotypical hippie would wear extravagant bright coloured clothing, hold up the peace sign, and also drive a Volkswagen Transporter covered in wild and unique designs. The stereotype of hippies driving a Transporter has given the campervan a long-lasting reputation for standing out and being unique.

At AP Autocare, we are open to your different design ideas for your Transporter vehicle, of any model or age. As previously mentioned, respraying and redesigning Volkswagen Transporters is a hobby of ours at AP Autocare, so any design idea that you may have will be an intriguing challenge for us that our mechanics will be determined to and more than capable of completing. Besides Volkswagen Transporters, we have completed bodywork for a multitude of different vehicles from multiple different manufacturers. We can assure you that our experience is second to none when it comes to bodywork.

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