Tyre Maintenance in Summer

Tyre Maintenance in Summer

Tyre Maintenance in Summer & Tyres Bristol by AP Autocare

Summer can be a season that’s extremely dangerous especially if your tyres are not well maintained or ready for the hot temperatures and increase in debris on the roads. Dust is often blown by the wind and due to the high temperatures is thin and easy to blow around. As your tyres must be able to traverse over dusty terrain in combination with increased heat, tyres can be damaged extremely easily in this particular season. Servicing is greatly recommended before long trips in the summer to ensure that your car is in perfect running condition. Doing this is sensible due to the fact that simple preparation can prevent accidents and damage to your vehicle which will happen in an extremely busy period for car repairs. If you are interested in servicing your car in preparation for the summer season or if you require an mot check then do not hesitate to contact Bristol tyre specialist garage AP Autocare today or call: 0117 963 8916 or book online here

Maintenance and Tyres in Bristol

High temperatures greatly increase the need to maintain your tyres to ensure that you can prevent any accidents happening whilst on the road. It is vital that your tyres are well maintained and checked out before you start to drive longer distances in the summer season. Check your tyres regularly for condition and pressures and ensure that if you are driving whilst under the strain of heavy loads that your pressure is increased to handle this increase in car weight. Details of pressure levels can be found within the vehicle user manual. The constant, and sometimes huge, changes in temperature from a moderate 12 degrees to a scorching 25 degerees can also impact on your car tyres performance.

Issues Caused to Tyres in High Temperatures

Many issues can arise with tyres when you are driving in high temperatures. Low pressure or already damaged tyres will not be able to survive the strains caused by this sudden increase in temperature and are at serious risk of blowing out or puncturing. This is an extremely dangerous scenario which can easily be avoided. All of the usual dangers that arise with tyres are greatly increased by higher temperatures. Under inflation or over inflation will significantly increase the risk of a tyre puncture. Speeding at high speeds also increases the risk of damaging your tyres and the high speed in which you are traveling further increases the danger of the situation. It is vital to adhere to the speed limit in high temperatures to ensure safety to your journey.

Solutions to Issues Caused to Tyres in High Temperatures

Ensuring that your tyres are not over or under inflated is a sensible way to ensure that damage will not be caused to your tyres. In combination with this, regularly check your tyres and ensure that they are not damaged and adhere to at least the minimum legal tread death (1.6mm around central 3/4 of the tread.) It is extremely sensible to change your tyres if they are coming close to this legal limit due to the fact that this will fail an MOT test if these tyres are tested. These factors result in it being an extremely sensible endeavour to check your tyres regularly and to ensure that you change them if the tread is worn out. Doing this will greatly increase your road safety and ensure that you can take steps to prevent tyre blow outs.

If you are interested in changing your tyres, helping to prevent failure of an mot check, if you are looking for car tyres in Bristol then do not hesitate to visit AP Autocare today or call: 0117 963 8916 or book online here

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