Class 4 Vehicles MOT Bristol

Class 4 Vehicles MOT Bristol

Class 4 MOTs by AP Autocare Bristol

A class 4 vehicle is classed by the government as a private vehicle that can carry 9-12 passengers, a light commercial vehicle, quad bikes, motor homes up to 500kg, and any car up to 8 passengers. You will find your normal 5-seat car fall into this category, which is useful information to know when putting your vehicle in for an MOT in Bristol. Any reliant robin drivers will also fall into class 4, as any 3-wheeled vehicle that weighs over 450kg unloaded is classed as a class 4 vehicle.

AP Autocare have been a reliable garage for over 35 years. We are a garage you can trust so the next time you need a MOT test, why not visit us? For more information take a look at our page: Car MOT Centre Bristol or call our garage on: 0117 963 8916 or book online here

What happens in my MOT test?

An MOT test is an extensive check on certain parts of the vehicle, which must adhere to strict safety regulations, limits and checks. External elements like the integral strength of the body, and the overall structure of the vehicle will be checked. Parts like your doors, bonnet, mirrors, lights, tyres, wheels, wipers, and washers will all be checked as these directly impinge on your safety whilst driving your vehicle. Your registration plates will also be checked, as these have to be made in a certain way in order for agencies to read the plate. Any aftermarket plates are open to scrutiny and failure with the MOT as regulations are tight on aftermarket plates. Internally, your seat belts, load levels, brakes, steering and suspension are also reviewed as these can affect the control of the vehicle. Your emissions will also be checked to see if they adhere to emission regulations.

What happens when I finish the MOT test?

Your test result will be entered into the database and a new MOT certificate will be issued to your vehicle if you have passed. The digital record is proof that your vehicle has a valid MOT, with the certificate acting as notion of the record. Vehicles that have failed their test will be given a refusal of an MOT certificate, and any repairs or advisory notices will be told to the owner of the vehicle. AP Autocare do offer free re-tests within 10 days of the initial test, so you won’t have to pay again for another test. If your car has passed, then you will be able to drive away that very day. Your new certificate will be valid for one year from the date of the test.

Vehicles that have failed will have to be retested once the proper repairs have been carried out. It’s the usual procedure to have the vehicle repaired at the same garage you took your MOT test at, but it doesn’t have to be. You could even attempt the repair yourself which isn’t recommended unless you have extensive knowledge about auto repairs. Without an MOT, your car will not be legal to drive on the roads unless you are travelling to another garage for a re-test or repairs. This will differ from insurer to insurer so make sure you understand when and when you are not covered by insurance. You are not able to drive in any other circumstance when your vehicle as no MOT.

For more information on our car MOT services or to book online please visit our webpage Car MOT Centre Bristol or call our garage on: 0117 963 8916 or book online here

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