Porsche Car Servicing Bristol

Porsche Car Servicing Bristol

Expert Servicing Of Porsche Cars In Bristol By AP Autocare

Porsche Cars

Acknowledging the difficulties of owning a sports car, sticking to servicing schedules for your Porsche can combine the very best of owning and driving a super model sports car and the most time consuming and costly. No doubt that the Porsche enjoys superb looks, low later-life depreciation, modest maintenance costs and insurance, economy, pride and excitement of ownership etc.

Almost all models of Porsche (Boxster, Cayman, Panamera, Cayenne, Macan, and nine hundred family) represents excellent value for money. Since the first make forty years ago, the basic designs have proved successful, competitive, and long lasting. Good cars are always in demand, with nice older examples holding their value or appreciating at present, as they become increasingly rarer to find. They keep their looks, style, and general appearance inside and outside, maintaining exceptional performance and superb handling even after many years and thousands of miles, while preserving an unraveled ability to turn heads and invoke desire in a way unique to the marque. Ensuring that a Prosche expert, such as AP Autocare in Bristol, is looking after your car will reap huge benefits now and in the future

Most common Porsche faults investigated during servicing?

There are common faults that could happen due to age and wear and tear of a car. However, during a routine Porsche service we mainly look for faults around engine management systems, chassis, electrical systems and transmission systems. Porsche cars, as any other car, needs routine checks and maintenance to ensure a great and reliable driving experience and to reduce unexpected repair bills.

Probably the most expensive problem to solve with Porches is to have to renovate the interior. Matching seat material is difficult to obtain and needs complete replacement to avoid the non-matching of naturally faded originals and new material.

Less expensive, but common faults include electrical faults such as electric windows, electric mirrors, rear wipers, rear hatch release and electric sunroofs not working. These can be serviced or repaired with a mixture of new, used and reconditioned parts. The electric fault could also include damaged and broken spotlights and headlights.

As many service centers do not touch it during routine servicing, it is not uncommon (even with a car with a full service history), to find brake disc pads totally seized in the calliper housing and discs and pads worn out or cracked. A gearbox-whine caused by wear to the main input bearing is common, even though it does not necessarily indicate serious unreliability. Grumbling noises at the rear usually indicates that the differential side bearings are worn. Also over a period of time, the small bands that make up the rear de-mister in the rear window, can fail. There could also be faults that could affect Porsche water cooled engines.

Porsche Servicing anad Maintenance

A well maintained Porsche that is properly looked after, rarely proves expensive to maintain and usually have minimal depreciation (compared to similar sports cars) providing an exciting and affordable experience for their owners.
Our servicing process is the key to satisfying our customers, and to ensure that the car is safe to run on the road. We follow six servicing steps as standard; Verify the fault, collect further information, evaluate the evidence, carry out further tests in a logical sequence, rectify the problem, and check all systems.

AP Autocare – Our Promise

We have built-up a reputation for maintaing high-end sports vehicles, such as the Porsche, over several years and believe your car’s service history is an indication of teh love and care you have afforded the car. Also who, why and when your car has been serviced matters and our name stamp is the one you need to have on your car’s service book. We have been giving service to the needs of Porsche owners, drivers and racers for several years now, and we are one of the established tour de force in the world of Porsche aftermarket care in Bristol. We work alongside renowned Porsche dealers and suppliers and hence up-to-date in the diagnostic and servicing methods of all Porsche ranges and our parts supply for all Porsche ranges has extremely quick turnaround. As a result we offer a fully comprehensive service selection on all ranges of Porsche and follow factory standard servicing guidelines. Our engineers and technicians have their own personal remedies and checks which they have picked up over several years of exceptional professional experience. Because our pricing follows an adjusted approach based on your car’s general condition, age, use and range, we are proud of providing a value for money service.

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