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When booking your car in for an MOT test, you may be asking yourself “what is the point?” Whilst we can assume that everyone knows what an MOT test is and the actual need for it to be applied, but we know that wouldn’t be a fair assumption, as not everyone is exposed to vehicular practices such as these. We know that there will be a fair amount of drivers who are not aware of why an MOT test is important, so we have decided to create an informative post giving key details and information about MOT’ tests.

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The MOT Test

The MOT test is an overall diagnostic and mechanical check of the safety features of a vehicle, as well as any components that would compromise safety whilst the vehicle, is in operation. If you want a simple explanation of an MOT, an MOT is a test conducted to make sure the vehicle is safe to drive and is in a fit condition to be driven on the road.Although the test certifies that your car was fit to be driven on the day of the test, the MOT certificate lasts for a year. The test is regulated and supervised by the local councils as well as the government. Driving without a valid MOT record will invalidate your insurance as well as just being illegal to do so anyway. You also won’t be able to renew your tax disc, as you also need a valid MOT record to obtain road tax.

What is involved in an MOT test? 

The Ministry of Transport define all rules laid out by the MOT test to ensure that everyone is going to be safe on the road. Everything that would concern safety is checked, so from the body of your car, fuel system, exhaust, engine as well as smaller things like your windscreen wipers, which are vital in some scenarios. This is to cover all grounds, as you need to make sure these safety features are functional as they are vital for safe driving in most conditions. Things like your battery, seatbelts and seat mounts are also checked, as these are all involved in the safety features of the vehicle. An average MOT test takes around 45 minutes to complete but most drivers tend to leave the car in the garage since they can bear without the vehicle for a day. This helps if there are any problems with the car, as they will contact you if there have to be any repairs to your vehicle in order for the car to pass the MOT test.

All of the regulations regarding the MOT are defined and set out by the Ministry of Transport that ensures the safety of drivers on the road. Everything from the structural integrity of your vehicle, to the mechanical soundness, is checked to make sure your vehicle isn’t going to be a harmful entity during normal function. The majority of your safety features are also checked since they are vital to the driver and passenger’s safety on the road.

The Time Schedule for the MOT

From a dealership, a brand new vehicle has its first MOT due 3 years from the date of registration. After that threshold, it is then mandatory for an MOT every year it is on the road. You are able to MOT your car with a local garage up to a month before the expiration of the existing MOT or original registration date. You will only be able to test your vehicle at a garage that has certified MOT testers since you need a qualified tester to validate your vehicle. Most, if not all garages will also keep a record of your vehicle and remind you when your MOT is due, so you won’t be without this important safety test of your vehicle. An easy way to remember yourself is to book a annual service with the garage you as well so you are reminded for both by the garage, this ensures your car passes as well as serviced.

A common misconception is that your car is going to be serviced in an MOT. This, unfortunately, is not true since the MOT test is just that, a test of the safety features of your vehicle. The only thing the MOT would change is possible advisories that the test will bring up, which are not included in the MOT. The MOT is simply the test to check the features, not replace them. A service is a key way of keeping your vehicle well maintained as it’s keeping your vehicle in the ideal operating state. It’s true that a well-serviced vehicle is going to have a better chance of passing it’s MOT since services are going to keep your vehicle in a well-conditioned state.

What happens if you fail your MOT test?

The ideal situation is obviously not failing the MOT test by keeping your vehicle well serviced and well maintained. However certain scenarios can arise in where your car can fail the MOT. There isn’t too much to worry about since there are many chances to fix the problems, as well as re-test as many garages offer free MOT re-tests. Depending on the reason why the vehicle has failed, will affect the time and cost of the repair, although usually, it is only a small issue which can be fixed on the same day.

As stated before, annually serviced cars are more likely to pass, so investing in the future is ideal when it comes to something as useful as a car. If your vehicle does fail, most garages offer free re-tests within a certain duration of time. AP Autocare offers a free re-test within 10 days giving you more than a week to have your shortcomings repaired before the re-test.

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(Updated 25th September 2018)

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