Advice on MOTs in Bristol

Advice on MOTs in Bristol

AP Autocare MOT Service in Bristol 

At AP Autocare, our professionals are able to carry out a full MOT test on your at short notice. If your vehicle fails, we offer a free retest if it is carried out within 10 working days of the original test. We are capable of testing class 4 5 & 7 – Cars, Vans and Minibuses. Weight limits apply to individual classes. Contact us to book your MOT test now on 0117 963 8916 or book online here.


When Do I Need an MOT Test?

Your car will need its first MOT test when it is 3 years old from its registration number. From that point onwards, it will need one every year on the anniversary of its last MOT test. You should know when this is as your last certificate will state the date it was issued and the date of expiry. If you have lost or do not have access to your certificate, you can find when your vehicle needs its next test by using the tool.

You can get your vehicle tested up to a month before it expires and keep the original renewal date. However, if it fails you should not carry on driving your vehicle with your original MOT. If your car is considered unroadworthy and you are driving it then you can be prosecuted.

As soon as your MOT expires, it becomes illegal to drive your car on the road. If you do so, you can be prosecuted. The only exception is that you can drive your vehicle to a booked MOT test.  

Advice for Before Your MOT Test

Vehicles often fail for small reasons which can be avoided if regular checks and maintenance are carried out. Some fairly common reasons vehicles fail which can easily be prevented are:

  • A dirty car full of clutter

  • A problem with the registration plate. If you have a personalised plate, make sure it follows the DVLA rules.

  • Screen wash not being topped up

  • Windscreen wipers not in good condition

  • Stickers on the windscreen which restrict the driver’s view

  • Dashboard warning light being on

  • Tyre tread and pressure not in line with requirements

  • Horn not working

You should check these issues before your test and If you notice any problems then it would be best for you to sort them out before your MOT test to increase your chances of passing.

Once you have checked all these areas, we recommend that you go to a place you can trust/ a reputable garage. We think AP Autocare offers a very trustworthy, friendly, and convenient service. Contact us now to book.

What to Expect During Your MOT

The test itself should take around 45 minutes to an hour. However, if repairs are needed then this could take somewhat longer depending on the extent of them.

During an MOT test, the vehicle technician will test the brakes, bodywork, doors, exhaust, emissions, horn, lights, seats, steering, suspension, tow bar, vehicle identification numbers, wheels and tyres, windows and mirrors. The three most common reasons for failing an MOT test are faults with the lights, suspension, and brakes. We recommend that you have regular services on these areas in between MOT tests to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Advice for After Your MOT Test

Hopefully you will pass your MOT and in that case, you will be given a certificate and can drive your car away. You may be given advisory notes which indicate issues with your vehicle which have not be deemed serious enough to fail your MOT. These issues should be addressed by yourself in the near future. It is important to remember that an MOT certificate does not mean that your car will remain roadworthy for the following year, you still need to make sure you maintain your car well. It will in your interest to regularly take your car in for different services to ensure unnecessary damage is prevented. We offer a range of services at AP Autocare which you may be interested in.

If you fail your MOT then you should be presented with a VT30 form explaining the reasons. At this point, there are a few different options at your disposal. The repairs can either be carried out there and then by the garage you have chosen to do the test. In this case, it is likely that the retest will be free of charge. However, you may decide you to take your car to another garage to have it defects addressed. If your car does not meet the minimum standards of roadworthiness then it will have to be towed to the other garage. If you get the retest at the second garage then it is likely that they will charge you for this as it is the first test with them. At AP Autocare, we offer a free retest as long as it is within 10 working days of the first test.

Why Choose Us?

AP Autocare is made up of a team of fully trained professional vehicle technicians. We offer a wide range of service to a very high standard due to our years of experience. Our MOT prices are reasonable and we offer a free retest. To book your vehicle in, contact us on 0117 963 8916 or book online here now.


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