5 Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

5 Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention
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5 Engine Noises To Be Aware Of

Cars are not designed to make unusual sounds other than what they usually produce. Unfortunately, many drivers ignore unusual car noises, and this can often result in more costly repairs or even make your car unrepairable. When you notice unusual noises from your engine while driving, the best thing to do is to stop and listen closely.

Strange noises should always concern you, as they usually indicate something is wrong with the engine of your vehicle. This will require immediate attention, and neglecting them will only worsen the problem. So, what should you do in this scenario?

Here is the all-you-need-to-know guide about strange engine noises!

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1. Squealing or Grinding Noises

Squealing and grinding noises are common when braking and often indicate worn brake pads. When you notice either of the sounds, chances are your brake pads or brake shoes are worn out and need replacing. This means the pad is too thin to prevent the metal components from touching when you press on your brakes Worn-out brake pads must be replaced immediately, as they compromise your car’s safety and the safety of others on the road.

If they aren’t replaced and the metal parts continue to touch, the disc pads will also suffer damage, resulting in complete brake failure. Another reason you may hear squealing or grinding is when brake callipers come loose due to inappropriate mounting. The safest thing to do is to immediately call your local mechanic to ask for advice and arrange for the necessary repairs or replacements. It could be the difference between arriving home safely and something unfortunate on the road.

2. Chirping or Hissing Noises

When you hear chirping sounds or hissing noises from your vehicle’s engine, it might indicate that the serpentine belt or timing belt is damaged or has come loose. Depending on the nature of the issue, some belts may need an adjustment to ensure they are in good working order, but some will require total replacement. Failure to act will compound the issue and mean your car is not safe to drive. If you delay having your timing belt adjusted, it will mean you will need to replace it sooner than you would have needed to, and the cost will have multiplied.

Hissing sounds often signify a problem in your vehicle’s engine, and there are multiple reasons for this. In many cases, it can be an overheating engine, or the exhaust is plugged. This can also happen when there is a leak in your vehicle’s vacuum or fluid leaks in the engine’s hot parts. In some cases, coolant leaking from the engine will also produce this sound. With so many possible issues, you should visit your local car professional so they can diagnose what the issue is and repair it for you.

3. Rumbling Noises

Rumbling often becomes apparent when accelerating, signifying the likelihood of a hole in the exhaust muffler. While a hole in the exhaust muffler doesn’t harm your car, it is a danger to you. This is because it results in fumes leaking into your car, which can be very toxic when inhaled for prolonged periods.

Another reason your car could be making rumbling noises and shaking simultaneously is that one of your spark plugs could be faulty. This will typically lead to the cylinders misfiring.

Of course, a rumbling noise and juddering through the steering wheel are likely to indicate a flat tyre.

4. Whirring Noises

A whirring noise can often result from unlubricated components, worn universal joints, or a faulty converter. Your car’s engine consists of various components, including gaskets, hoses, wires, and multiple rotating belts. The continuous running of the engine stretches the belts over time, which causes them to crack. As the belts rotate at high speed, they may produce this noise. When this happens, the solution lies in replacing the faulty parts to arrest the damage. Ignoring it will result in higher repair costs in the future, and replacing it is relatively cheap.

5. Knocking

A knocking sound, ticking noise, or popping noise is produced when there is something wrong with the ignition. This is what you’ll notice when fuel ignites in the cylinder. Ignition in the engine can lead to a fuel injector, a damaged spark plug, or even a faulty distributor cap. If you ignore knocking sounds from the engine, then it could cost you a lot more. Contact your local garage and ask them to look at your vehicle to assess what needs to be repaired.

What noise should a car engine make?

Not all noise from your car’s engine is a bad sign. For instance, when you turn on the ignition, your engine always produces a sound, unless it is electric or hybrid, which is much quieter. However, if your vehicle is louder than usual, there might be something wrong with the cylinder compression. When there is an imbalance in the fuel-air ratio inside the cylinder, combustion occurs at a lower or higher rate than usual, and it will be louder than normal.

What noise does an engine make when it is low on oil?

When your car’s engine runs low on fuel, you might hear a “ticking” or “tapping” noise. This results from insufficient fuel being pumped into the engine’s upper part of the engine, or you should check if it’s a bad fuel filter causing the noise. You should also check your engine’s oil level to diagnose the problem and top it up accordingly, which will stop undesirable noises and prevent damage to the engine. You should check your car’s oil level once a month, and this will ensure you never run low and risk damaging or blowing its engine.

What should I do when my engine makes an unusual noise?

When you notice strange noises and are unsure what to do, you should contact your local auto repair garage as soon as possible. You risk compounding the issue by ignoring the noise, which often results in higher repair costs, especially when it continues for a long time. Your mechanic will accurately diagnose the problem and suggest repairs.

In Summary

Strange or different car noises should not give you sleepless nights. Most vehicle noises can be sorted out at a low repair cost by your local garage; however, if you ignore them for a long time, they can severely damage your engine, so you should always get your car checked out to find out why.

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