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Citroen Service Bristol

Citroen Service Bristol By AP Autocare

Are you looking for a car service in Bristol? AP Autocare offer Citroen Service in Bristol – Call 0117 963 8916 or book online here

Are you looking to get your Citroen vehicle serviced? Are you wondering what mechanics will check on your vehicle? Throughout this post we will tell you the different diagnostic checks that our mechanics carryout when they service a Citroen vehicle.

Many drivers wonder what checks their car goes through, thinking to themselves “What are they actually checking?” – Well throughout this post we will go through what mechanics actually check when servicing your car, so you can have some peace of mind.

At AP Autocare, we use the best diagnostic equipment so we can fully service your Citroen. Our credited mechanics will check everything from your lights to your fuel filter. There are different types of services so ask how in-depth each service is before you choose, as we can go from a base service up to a complete service that will go through 80+ checks.

  • Below is a list of the most common items we will check depending on the level of service you choose. These are the most commonly worn out/broken parts or parts that need to be tuned over regular use.
  • Headlights – Foglights – Indicators
  • Windscreen Wipers
  • All fluids – Change or just level check
  • Brake test – change pads, callipers, lines and bleed brakes
  • Cambelt – Tension test
  • Suspension dampers / weight bearing test
  • Air filter / Obstruction checks
  • Spark plugs / correct gaping
  • Handbrake
  • Fuel filters
  • …and many more checks

If you’ve ever had a problem with your car, and it’s caused you to break down, then you know the pain and subsequent fees that occur when you have a spontaneous break down. Paying for a tow to a garage obviously going to be more hassle, and this is without mentioning having to wait for your repair to be done. Servicing your car means trained professionals catch any worn out parts early, so they don’t cause your car to break down. A regular service is the key to make your car run smoothly, unless you can inspect parts yourself, it’s down to you to book in for a service so you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle whilst avoiding any nasty fees that come with breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Vehicle woes are stressful at the easiest of times, so save yourself some hassle and book your car for a service now. Booking a service can benefit you in so many ways; regular servicing can protect insurance claims, increase overall safety, increase reliability and improve re-sale value of the vehicle, so why wouldn’t you do yourself a favour? You probably want to be servicing your car especially if you’re travelling a lot in your vehicle. Tyre wear can occur faster than people think, and general use is going to wear out parts like brake pads, tires, filters and fluids a lot faster. Regular servicing gives you the peace of mind that a credited professional has tuned your vehicle to be as efficient as it can be.

If you are looking for a car service in Bristol, call AP Autocare offer a Bristol Citroen Service specialist0117 963 8916 or book online here

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