Car Servicing – Why should you book a service?

Car Servicing – Why should you book a service?

Car Servicing – Why should you book a service? A stitch in time saves nine

An unreliable car can be a problematic stress in your life you can do without, and always comes at the wrong time. It can amount to huge unexpected fees if you break down and need repairs, as well as expensive towing fee’s in order to retrieve the car back from the roadside. It can prevent access to work if your reliant on a vehicle for transport. The key step in keeping a smooth running car lies in regular servicing. You can avoid such stressful events by booking a service. Regular servicing can protect insurance claims, increase overall safety, increase reliability and improve re-sale value of the vehicle, so why wouldn’t you book a service? At AP Autocare, as well as Volkswagon, Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Ford and Vauxhall vehicles we specialise in car servicing on high-end models such as Porsche, Audi, BWM and Mercedes. Regardless of the age of you vehicle, a ‘stamp’ in the service book, by a professional garage such as AP Autocare, has a significant benefit to the residual value of your vehicle.

Naturally, older cars can be more problematic and can need more repairs than newer counterparts. However, modern cars can also run into hefty repair bills as even moderate mileage can result in heavy wear in some components, which can result in large fee’s as small problems can lead to large scale damage within the vehicles internal components. This can jack the price up of repairs, when a regular service could have detected the problem earlier, rather than having an unexpected breakdown and having to pay expensive fees. It makes sense to invest a small amount in order to prevent future damage to the vehicle. Natural elements like weather can be a inhibiting factor when it comes to the failure of components which ultimate effects reliability of your vehicle, as poor weather and excessive rainfall can mean an increase in exposure to water, which can lead to corrosion and failure of components. Safety is a huge concern with vehicles in general; if caught early, damaged components can be replaced rather than having to deal with failure whilst driving, which could lead to further repair costs, if not severe injury to the driver and passengers. Having regular checks gives you peace of mind, knowing that a qualified mechanic has overseen the car and has fully serviced the vehicle to a manufacturer specification. Regularly servicing your car could also protect your insurance claims, as insurers could take service history into account if you claim a large amount or the vehicle is declared a full loss in the incident of an accident.

An average car service can entail up to 55 checks with a basic service, and a further 85 checks with a full service. These checks ensure any component that could be worn/damaged is discovered and changed. Simple checks like tyre wear, brake pad wear and fluid checks are steps, which can be a preventative measure against future problems, steps like changing engine oil, transmission fluid and power steering fluid can increase the longevity of the vehicles running life, and keep running costs low, which are all included in an annual service. Manufacturer grade services can range from £500 upward. With a comprehensive car service in Bristol from APAutocare, with prices for a FULL CAR SERVICE at £187 and an INTERIM CAR Service from as little as £105 we can provide full services which match the quality manufacturer’s, without the huge bills.

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