Buying a Volkswagen Transporter – Your Ultimate Guide

Buying a Volkswagen Transporter – Your Ultimate Guide
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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Volkswagen Transporter

Welcome to our Volkswagen Transporter sales where finding your perfect VW iconic vehicle has never been easier. As one of the most trusted dealerships for VW vans and campers in Bristol and throughout the UK, we offer an extensive selection of models that are sure to impress, including classic campers, transporters, and VW vans that we can convert for you. 

Our user-friendly search tools make it simple for you to find exactly what you’re looking for within your budget range while providing peace of mind through our detailed listings, high-resolution photos, videos, and vehicle histories. Our team of specialists is always available if you have any questions or if you need assistance arranging test drives. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then give us a call at 0117 963 8916 and let us know, and we will see what our network of suppliers and contacts has in stock.

Don’t hesitate; get in touch with AP Autocare today, your VW experts.

1. Find Your Dream Volkswagen Transporter

Finding the ideal VW van requires careful consideration of various factors, such as passenger and seat belt capacity, storage space needs, budget constraints, and whether new or used vehicles are preferred. When you have established this, it becomes easier to narrow down your options within the Transporter models that best suit your requirements. By taking this approach, you can ensure they find a vehicle that meets all their expectations without compromising on quality or affordability.

To pinpoint the most suitable for you, utilise our search filters to refine your listings based on the VW make and model you are looking for. 

Defining your budget is crucial when you’re searching for the perfect match for you and your needs. Keep this in mind as you navigate through your search options and consider what works best within your means. Remember that quality often comes at a premium, so be prepared to invest wisely if you need to.

2. Find Transporters Near You or Across the Country

When searching for a VW camper or van using an online marketplace, selecting the right condition and vehicle attributes is crucial. You can opt for new vehicles or pre-owned ones that are either used or certified pre-owned. The choice will depend on your budget and preferences.

Your preferences and viewing checklist can include:

  • VW Transporter Model
  • Engine Size
  • Manual gearbox
  • Automatic Gearbox
  • Cruise Control
  • Solar Panels
  • Front Double or Single Seat
  • Rear Seats
  • Rear Additional seating space
  • Living space specification
  • Extra space for storage
  • Awning options (if any)

You can simplify your search for your perfect Volkswagon Transporter by saving your favourite listings and vehicles. 

You should be careful when buying a vehicle from a person rather than a garage, and there are critical checks you must do before any money is exchanged. You can find out more here.

There are many companies out there that will do more detailed checks, including MOT history, valuations, detailed specs, and upgrades, for a small cost to check if the vehicle has been stolen, has finance outstanding, or has been written off.

GOV.UK has some free checks available, and you can find them here.

AP Autocare’s advanced search tools make it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly, and our VW specialists are always on hand with personalised recommendations tailored just for you and your needs. You will also be safe in the knowledge that all the required checks have already been completed and that it has undergone a full safety and mechanical check before being listed with us.

Some of the checks we carry out include:

Engine sensors and engine management lights, engine oil, water, clutch, brakes, exhaust, and lights, including fog lights, will be checked for rust, including wheel arches and other common areas where rust occurs. 

3. Explore The Volkswagen Transporter Models 

The VW Type 2, now known as the Transporter, has been around since its introduction in 1950. With six generations under its belt, this iconic van continues to captivate car and VW enthusiasts worldwide. Which one suits you best? Find out by exploring each generation of these legendary vehicles!

The T1 Splitscreen (1950–1967) is a classic car that boasts an iconic “bread loaf” shape with a split front windscreen. Its timeless design has made it highly sought-after by collectors worldwide.

The T2 Baywindow (1968–1979) is known for its unique bay window shape and air-cooled rear engine. Its popularity as a camper van speaks volumes about this model’s appeal among enthusiasts of all ages. If you’re looking to add some character to your road trips, consider investing in one today!

T3 (1979–1992) is a cost-effective option that offers versatility for both daily drives and leisure. Its boxy design makes it a popular choice among those looking for practicality without sacrificing style.

T4 (1990–2003) is a front-wheel-drive vehicle with contemporary styling that has become popular for camper conversions. Its sleek design makes it an attractive choice among car enthusiasts looking to customise their VW.

The T5 (2003–2015) is a contemporary design that incorporates refinements for enhanced comfort and handling. This model offers an exceptional driving experience thanks to its sleek style and advanced features. With its modern touches, it stands out from the crowd as one of the most sophisticated options on the market today.

The T6 update has brought about significant changes with the introduction of new technology and styling. This latest iteration is sure to impress those who value innovation in their vehicles.

The Volkswagen Transporter has been around for over six decades, and there’s no denying its versatility. Whether you’re looking to use it for commuting, for work, or for something more luxurious for leisure, we can help match you with the perfect VW van model that suits your needs best. Contact us today at 0117 963 8916.

4. Classic Volkswagen Transporters

Owning a vintage Volkswagen Transporter provides an opportunity to experience automotive history firsthand. Our collection can include rare classic VW models such as:

  • 1967 21-Window Samba – A Rare Collector’s Item
  • 1974 Camper Sundial – A Prized Pop-Top Westfalia with Unique Graphics
  • 1978 Vintage Camper Van – Adventure-Ready

Discovering an original, untouched classic transporter is no easy feat. Our extensive network of connections has allowed us to locate often rare VW vans that we preserve for future generations. Let us help you find your dream VW today.

5. Vanagon and Type 2 Transporters

The Vanagon (T3) and iconic Type 2 models have become popular choices for converting into camper vans. Some key features include:

Volkswagen Type 2 Baywindow (1968–1979)

  • Bayfront window with panoramic view
  • Rear-mounted air-cooled flat-four engine
  • Popularly converted into campers

Vanagon (1979–1992): A Classic

  • Modern water-cooled engine
  • Enhanced handling and comfort
  • Camping in a spacious interior

The Type 2 and Vanagon models are sought after for their vintage styling and camper potential. We can acquire exceptional examples like Westfalia campers to restore or preserve them. Let us assist you with finding your ideal VW campervan! Our team is dedicated to helping customers find the perfect fit. Contact us today.

6. Buy With Confidence: 5 Tips

Buying a used Volkswagen Transporter from us means complete transparency. Our listings provide all the necessary information for you to make an informed decision. We ensure that our customers have access to accurate and detailed details about each vehicle we have for sale, and we like each customer to have a test drive before they buy. Rest assured knowing that there are no hidden surprises when buying through us!

  • Features and Condition Highlights
  • Detailed High-Resolution Images From All Angles
  • Full Vehicle History Reports With Ownership Records
  • Vehicle Inspection Reports Available Upon Request
  • Make a list of the ESSENTIAL features your transporter must have. You will fall in love with your vehicle, but buying it must be against your list, not emotions!

Our detailed listings and VW expertise ensure that you can purchase with confidence from us. Don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything we can help with.

7. Volkswagen Transporters For Sale: Reasons You Should Buy One

We strive to offer fair pricing on our VW Transporters every day to make it possible for you to get your hands on used VW Transporter models at an even better price point than usual. This might even be a VW van that you want us to convert so you can have your campervan for camping trips any time you want.

Keep a close eye on our stock so you don’t miss these exciting opportunities when they arise, or just give us a call today at 0117 963 8916.

Ultimate Guide To Buying A Volkswagen Transporter - AP Autocare Ltd

8. Take the Wheel

To discover your ideal Transporter, we recommend taking it for a test drive. At AP Autocare, we encourage test drives to experience our vans firsthand. Take advantage of this opportunity and take action today. Find the VW van of your dreams and give us a call!

Experience a test drive with us by scheduling an accompanied visit to us in Bristol. If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, then we will use our suppliers and contacts in the business to find you the campervan you are looking for or a VW panel van that we then convert to your living and sleeping specifications, storage spaces and needs.

We’ll take care of everything, so you can focus on making informed decisions about which cars are right for you.

Want to see a vehicle from all angles? Our walk-around videos are the perfect solution and are on our website for each vehicle we have available. 

We understand that nothing compares to test-driving your potential new VW van, and that’s why our goal is to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for with ease.

9. Accessories and Upgrades 

Make your Volkswagen stand out from the crowd with custom accessories and upgrades. Our extensive range of options will help you create a truly unique ride that reflects your individuality.

  • Chrome Accessories 
  • Campervan Conversions
  • High-End Audio, Electronics and Multimedia
  • Interior LED Lighting and Upholstery Choices
  • New windows to replace panels
  • Exterior protection and wraps—we’ve got it all

Why settle for a generic van when you can make it truly yours with our quality accessories and upgrades? Our team of experts will install them quickly and professionally so that your customised transporter reflects who you are. It’s time to show off what makes you unique!

AP Autocare Buying a Volkswagen Transporter Summary

We are delighted that you have chosen our ultimate buyer guide for the truly iconic vehicles, which are the Volkswagen vans that will fill your life with much joy. Our comprehensive search tools, model guides, buying tips, and custom options will help ensure that you find the perfect VW Campervan for camping trips, work, and daily commutes.

Join the global Volkswagen Transporter family by starting your search for your dream VW Transporter today. Our constantly evolving stock of VW vans ensures that you’ll always find something new and exciting to look at. Let AP Autocare help make owning a VW an unforgettable experience. 

We offer a full range of services at an extra cost, including Pendle performance remapping, fitting diesel heaters, solar panels, wind-out awnings and awning rails, cycle racks, tow bars, bodywork and styling, pop-tops for extra sleeping space, and full camper conversions. Please contact us today to discuss your VW camper van needs.

Get in touch with us today at 0117 963 8916 and speak to one of our VW experts, who can help you choose and source the perfect van for you and your needs. 


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