Bumper Scuff Repairs

Bumper Scuff Repairs

Bumper Scuff Repairs Discussed by AP Autocare in Bristol

Whether you have a brand new car or an older car there is nothing more annoying than you or someone else scuffing, bumping or scratching your bumper. You can sometimes remove the scuffs yourself if they are light, however, in some cases you will need a Bumper Scuff Repair by a professional garage who offer bumper repair services. 

You also may have paint imperfections, bumps, scratches, scuffs, key scratches, cracks or vandalism scratches on your bumper and these can be repaired to bring your vehicles paintwork’s finish back to its original condition without the need for the whole bumper to be replaced. 

AP Autocare is based in the heart of Bristol and has 40 years experience when it comes to bodywork repairs and garage services. We really are a one-stop-shop for you and your vehicle and we offer a reliable and trusted range of garage services so your vehicle is safe to drive and in great condition. 

We cover all aspects of bumper repairs including minor scuffs, textured bumper repairs, cracked and dented bumpers as well as full bumper resprays if needed and we will advise you on the best course of repair for your car. We offer a free no-obligation quote and all of our repair work is guaranteed for 12 months.

Vehicle bumper damage can really make your vehicle look old and tired and will reduce its value if you are thinking of selling or part-exchanging it. A lot of garages will tell you you need a whole bumper replacement which can be very costly but at AP Autocare we will only do the work that is needed to ensure your bumper looks like new again. The different services we offer can fully restore your vehicles bumper to its original finish.

The benefit of a bumper scuff repair is that is can be carried out in a minimal amount of time meaning the overall cost of your repair will be much less and you won’t be without your vehicle for a huge amount of time. Our body spray experts professionally repair minor bumps and scuffs to plastic or textured bumpers which bring them back to their original condition often making you fall back in love with your car again.

AP Autocare Bumper Scuff Repairs services Include:

  • Scuff Repairs

  • Scratch Repairs

  • Graze Repairs

  • Crack Repairs

  • Dent Repairs

  • Whole Bumper Replacements 

Our experienced body shop technicians always match the manufacturers colour and plastic of your vehicle using the manufacturer’s original colour code specification to ensure that the colour and texture of your bumper is exactly as it was when it was new.

We can often repair cracked bumpers by using a process of plastic welding, fusing the panels together by inserting a metal mesh in the plastic to ensure strength, filling, priming, spraying and lacquering so you wouldn’t know the bumper had ever been cracked. This is not always an option and one of our experts will always assess it and advise you on the best course of action.

Our expert’s prep, sand and fill any parts of the bumper that are needed, including any adjoining panels to match it back to its original shape. Primer is then applied followed by the colour-matched base coat and lacquered which bring it back to its original and new looking condition.

We only use the highest quality products with the latest repair and spray equipment on the market in our state of the art Bodyshop.

At AP Autocare we use specialist materials and equipment which are designed to use the minimum amount of paint to bring you bumper back to its original condition. We only mix small quantities of paint which is colour coded to the make and model of car and this ensures it doesn’t look like any work has been carried out. The equipment and paint processes we use within our Bodyshop ensure you don’t always need a whole bumper replacement or respray and we only repair and respray the damage rather than the complete bumper and this significantly reduces the cost of the repair for you. If you have a bumper repair which isn’t done by a professional garage with the exact manufacturer’s paint colour then when you come to sell or trade-in your vehicle its price will be diminished because of the work you have had done. 

About AP Autocare

We have been in business for over 40 years. We are one of the most reputable and independent MOT, Repair and Service Centres in Bristol and we are Bristol’s Largest Independent Multi Manufacturer Specialist.

We are one of the leading paint repair garages in Bristol. Our Bodyshop has the latest technology in vehicle spraying equipment and we only use the highest quality materials and equipment. Our team of expert technicians have many years of experience of providing outstanding car repair and spraying service which always delivers the highest quality results. 

We specialise in the bodywork of cars for 11 different motor manufacturers including:

  • Volkswagen

  • Audi

  • Seat

  • Skoda

  • BMW

  • Mini

  • Porsche

  • Citroen

  • Land Rover

  • Peugeot

  • Renault

Working with so many vehicle manufacturers means we have a huge amount of knowledge of the bodywork and mechanics of all makes and models of vehicle. Our experienced team of mechanics, panel beaters and sprayers all come from different manufacturer backgrounds and their combined skills, experience and knowledge are second to none. 

Our experts will assess your vehicle and will tell you exactly what is required before any work begins, answering any questions you may have. Be it a service, a mechanical or bodywork repair, from minor repairs to major realignment we can help and will guarantee you a perfect finish.

Bristol’s Volkswagen Transporter Bodywork Specialists

We specialise in the bodywork and customisation of Volkswagen Transporter Vans both new and old. If you are looking to redesign and transform the interior of your Volkswagen transporter or completely change its colour then we are the experts. If you are new to the world of Volkswagon and need some inspiration for your transporter then our team of experts can help and give you ideas and solutions using their years and years of experience. 

We are within walking distance from Bristol City Centre and Temple Meads Train Station and are ideal for any Service, MOT, or Repair if you work in the city centre or any of the surrounding areas.

We offer a courtesy car if you need a car whilst it’s booked in with us or we can arrange a lift to work or home after you’ve dropped your car off to us, or a collection and delivery service to ensure that being without a car isn’t an inconvenience for you.

Our team is friendly, professional and we offer highly competitive rates with the skills of a main dealership but without the costs associated with them.

We offer services for all vehicles of any age and size from small cars to light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes (Class 7).

AP Autocare Professional Vehicle Services

Bumper Repairs

We only use the highest quality products in our state of the art Bodyshop with the latest repair and spray equipment on the market. We only mix small quantities of paint which are colour coded to the make and model of your car and this ensures it doesn’t look like any work has been carried out. The equipment and paint processes we use means we only repair and respray the damage to your bumper which prevents your whole bumper needing to be replaced which significantly reduces the cost of your repair.

Bodywork & Paint Repairs

We have the latest technology in car spraying equipment. We use the highest quality materials and our team have many years of experience in providing an excellent panel beating and car spraying service which delivers the highest quality results. We always colour code your vehicle as an exact match tp its original colour.

Dealer Level Diagnostics and Repair

Our dealer level diagnostics equipment is capable of fault diagnostics, reading parameter measurements, key programming, coding and configuration of new ECUs, body control modules and instrument clusters. We are able to carry out manufacturer software updates on control units, reset auto adaptive’s and much much more. Our equipment is backed by a technical support team of ex-dealer master technicians and regularly updated.

Winter Car Checks

The most efficient and safe way to prepare your car for winter is to book it into us for a winter car check. Our winter car checks include the essential checks needed to ensure your car is driving safely and efficiently during adverse weather conditions, giving you peace of mind in the winter months

Annual & Interim Servicing 

Having your vehicle serviced is essential for the efficient running and general health of your car. During a service, our highly trained mechanics check the main components on your vehicle and provide you with a full report for each one. They are able to advise you of any repair work that your vehicle could need now and in the future and the benefits as well as advising you of any safety issues.


It is your legal responsibility as a vehicle owner to ensure you have an MOT every 12 months to ensure it is safe and legal to drive. We complete MOTs on a wide variety of vehicles, including; class 4 vehicles, class 5 vehicles and class 7 vehicles. We offer FREE retests so if it does fail on a certain part we can make the required repairs and put it through its’ MOT again for it to pass for FREE.

Air Conditioning Servicing & Repairs

Car air conditioning systems require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure they are safe and working efficiently. Some car warranties which cover air conditioning only remain valid if you have it regularly serviced by a recognised garage like AP Autocare.

Replacement Tyres 

We are the tyre and exhaust specialists in the Bristol area and if you need your vehicle’s tyres checked or replaced then we can help. We can source the exact tyres you need to match them with your existing tyres. Our technicians will check the condition and safety of your tyres which includes; tyre tread depths, uneven wear, damage to tyres or punctures. We can also check if your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. 


Our exhaust service assesses your exhaust and we can carry out the necessary maintenance at the same high-quality, professional standard. We will report on the condition of the exhaust, mountings and brackets, signs of corrosion and if we believe there is an issue which will lead to an emissions failure.


If your car is in need of replacement brakes or you need your brakes to be checked then we can help. Our technicians will check the condition of your brakes, brake hoses and pipes, hydraulic systems and handbrake mechanisms for defects and provide you with a full brake safety report before we repair them for you.


We offer a full clutch service and will report on cable and hydraulic release systems, condition of gear selection cables and mechanisms and advise if your vehicle needs a clutch repair or replacement. We have the latest equipment to allow us to fully check the movement in the flywheel and compare to manufacturer-recommended tolerances.

Suspension & Steering

We can check your cars suspension and steering components to make sure there are no defects and we will advise you on what repairs are required or anything that may need to be repaired or replaced in the future. We have the latest equipment and can repair and replace suspension and steering issues for all makes and models of vehicles. 


If your vehicle has failed its MOT on corrosion or you have an old car which you have concerns about then we can help. We carry out professional welding repairs which will get your car back on the road, or on the road to a new transformation.

Battery Testing & Replacement

If your car isn’t starting or you have broken down then we can carry out a battery test using specialist battery testing equipment. If your battery needs replacing we can supply and fit a new battery quickly and efficiently for you. Our batteries are supplied with at a 3-year warranty and if your vehicle has a battery charge status monitor we will reset this correctly following replacement. 

Wheel Alignment

Whether you are having your tyres replaced or your MOT has highlighted your wheels are out of line then we can help.


Our bespoke performance remapping enables us to tailor the software in your vehicle so you get the most from its performance. Our professional software developers have many years of experience customising vehicle software and each one we carry out is vehicle and owner specific. 

If you would like to find out more about our Bumper Scuff Repairs in our Bristol location please contact us on 0117 963 8916 or book online here and one of our experts will be able to help. We offer high-quality repairs at affordable and competitive prices and you won’t find a more convenient and cost-efficient service anywhere else.

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