Common Problems With Car Air Conditioning

Common Problems With Car Air Conditioning

Common Problems With Car Air Conditioning By AP Autocare Bristol

It is indispensable to have an air conditioning system in your car. However, in as much as air conditioning is considered vital, there are some problems and faults that may ruin its purpose. Car air conditioning is prone to some common faults due to constant operation and mobility of the car. It is therefore important to understand all the possible faults and aim at rectifying them as soon as possible. It may not be so comfortable riding in a car that has faulty air conditioning system.

Car airconditioning faults are normally quite simple and inexpensive to rectify. Call today and book in your car with one of our car air conditioning Bristol experts on 0117 963 8916 or book online here

Aside from identifying the problems transpiring in your car air conditioning system, it is equally important to ensure that you seek assistance from the best repairer such as Bristol car air conditioning specialists, AP Autocare. Only then will your car air conditioner resume its normal operation. It is also an ideal way of getting a permanent solution to aNY problem.

Below are some of the common problems that may develop in your car air conditioning system:

1. Car Air Conditioning – Dust Leakage

It is important to note that car air conditioning system involves air circulation from the outside to the inside of the car. In this regard, the system is made in such a manner that dust particles are left out while fresh air is let in. If your car conditioning system is allowing some dust particles to get inside, then there is something wrong. The filters of the system may be faulty hence allowing impurities to move into the car. To end such a problem, filter replacement is recommended. In most cases, dust leakage comes as a result of filter perforations. Normally, filters are not repairable and that is why replacement is considered as the ideal option.

2. Car Air Conditioning – Blowing Hot Air

This is one of the problems that are bound to spark constant discomfort in your car. This happens when the operation of the conditioning system is reversed. Instead of providing cool and refreshing air in the car, hot air blows inside instead.

It is important to note that this is a major problem in your car conditioning system. Aside from bringing discomfort in the car, the problem may gradually aggravate hence eventually denaturing the entire system. It is therefore necessary to ensure that car conditioning check and the respective repair are done.

3. Car Air Conditioning – Broken Air Pipes

For fresh air to find its way into your car, the respective pipes must be in the right condition. Any breakage along the pipes is bound to make the operation of the conditioner faulty. In most cases, breakage of conditioning system pipes is caused by strong impacts when the car is in motion.

Depending on the kind of material used in making air conditioning pipes, repair may or may not be done. Aside from that, the nature of breakage may be used to determine if repair can be done. It would be best to seek car air conditioning service so that the ultimate solution can be reached. Replacement of broken pipes may be also one of the possible options in this case.

4. Car Air Conditioning – Faulty Controls

You will realise that modern car air conditioners are quite sophisticated as compared to the old versions. Modern car AC feature different controls that must work in coordination to ensure that fresh air is provided in your car. The problem is that the controls may develop some problems as time passes. Consequently, the operation of your car air conditioning system will be affected drastically.

If your car air conditioner’s controls are not working in coordination, then you should consider seeking the necessary repair. It takes a professional mind to understand how the controls operate and how to restore their original functionality.

5. Car Air Conditioning – Overheating

Needless to say, car air conditioners use electric power to serve their root purpose. This means that heating effect is bound to occur in the system. However, there are cases where car air conditioners end up heating beyond normal. This is where you realise that there is big problem brewing inside.

Overheating may occur if the system is straining to condition air in your car. The effect may also come as a result of high power input from the car mechanism. Whichever the cause, it should be noted that overheating of car air conditioning system is one of the reasons behind permanent damage of the same. In this regard, repairs must be done when the problem is still raw to avoid possible aggravation and escalation.

6. Car Air Conditioning – Excessive Chilling Effect

While some car conditioning systems may develop a high heating effect, others develop an excessive chilling effect. In as much as you are in need of cool air in your car, it does not mean that conditioning should be extreme. It might be totally uncomfortable to sit in a car whose interior environment is worse that outside.

Excessive chilling effect from car air conditioners happens when the general functionality of the system is faulty. It might prove hard to stabilize the temperature levels of the conditioner and that is why you will require repair services.

7. Car Air Conditioning – Leaking Condensers

Condensers are responsible for the cooling effect felt in a car. If any leakage happens in the condensers, the cooling effect is drastically affected. In fact, the effect may not be felt at all. Leakage may happen due to the old age of the condensers or faults that may emanate from car motion. The problem may be permanent or temporally depending on the extent of the damage. A repairer may opt to replace the leaking condensers or better still repair the existing ones.

Why is It A Good Idea To Get Your Car Conditioning System Checked?

Regular checks on your car conditioning system are very necessary. This is because such systems are prone to faults just like any other mechanical thing. Some of the reasons why you should have it checked include: • To Identify Developing faults- When faults are identified early enough, it is much easier to have them repaired. It is also easy to evade possible aggravation. • To Facilitate Best Cooling Effect- For normal cooling effect in your car, the conditioning system has to be in the right condition. To avoid any deterioration in the performance of the conditioning system, it would be best to have it checked. To find more information or to book online an appointment to check your vehicles air conditioning – Car Air Conditioning Bristol Book Online

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