Bodywork & Paint Repair FAQs

Bodywork & Paint Repair FAQs

Bodywork & Paint Repair FAQ’s discussed by AP Autocare in Bristol

Whether it is a minor dent to your bodywork or paintwork, or you’ve had an accident and you need panels or bumpers replaced or you need a full or part respray then it’s important to understand what you should look for in a garage who will carry out the repairs. Our Bodywork & Paint Repair FAQ’s will tell you everything you need to know to make sure your car looks brand new again and you are using a garage you can trust.

Why would you need a Bodywork or Paint Repair on your vehicle?

You may need a body repair if you have been involved in an accident and that might not be with another vehicle but could be that you have knocked or scraped your car on a wall or something else. Sometimes a body part can be repaired rather than needing a whole replacement so it’s important you use a reputable garage you can trust to do your repair. A good garage will have the skills and equipment to repair your car safely and ensure it matches your cars paintwork so it isn’t devalued. Good garages will be able to remove small scratches and dents, again without replacing body parts but they will assess your car and let you know if this is possible or not.

Why is it important to use a garage you can trust for your Bodywork and Paint Repair?

  • A reputable garage will always use manufacturer parts when repairing your vehicle and if they aren’t able to get them they will let you know before the work begins.
  • They will match your cars paintwork using manufacturers paint to ensure its repaired to its original colour. We’ve all seen a car that has been repaired and a section of the car doesn’t match the rest and this will devalue your car and annoy you every time you get into it.
  • They will use the latest technology and equipment in repairs and car spraying equipment to give your car a perfect finish.
  • They will employ staff with years of experience and qualifications in repairing bodywork and paint work always giving you a high-quality finish.
  • They will give you an accurate quote. There are lots of things to think about when it comes to the exterior aesthetic of your car and there are many different aspects to consider when it comes to bodywork repairs. Prices will vary and will depend on how much time, work and effort will go into it.
  • A garage that is recognised by insurers as competent and qualified to complete bodywork and paint repairs will be reputable, experienced and a garage that your insurer trusts so this is always a good sign.
  • The work they complete will be guaranteed, anything up to 2 years depending on the work that has been done.

Why would you have a full car respray?

Your car’s paint may have started to wear and peel off. This is visually unappealing and it exposes the steel or aluminium underneath making it vulnerable to rust and corrosion. If a large area of metal is exposed then the elements will decrease the structural integrity of the metal and this can make the vehicle unsafe.

The paint has faded in the sun or has been scratched by other objects or by the elements. This will make a car look old and worn and will decrease its value. The main goal of a respray in this situation is to restore the “factory look” giving it a new lease of life, making it look shiny and new again.

You may want to completely change the colour of your vehicle which will change its entire look. This is more of a custom approach and is most common when restoring an older vehicle.

You should always research the garages you are considering to use, look at their customer reviews on their website and external independent review sites like eKomi, Trust Pilot and ensure they are part of the Good Garage Scheme. Look at their website, does it look professional, does it tell you the range of services they offer? Often the more services a garage offers the better as you can use them for your car repair or respray, your MOT, your service, replacement of your tyres, diagnostics and so on and you will get to know them and know you can always trust them to do a good job at a competitive price. Ask for recommendations from family members or friends. Call them and ask them some questions so you get a feel for their customer service and the service you can expect from them.

If you do your research you will feel you know the garage and can trust them putting your mind at rest.

Car Body Repairs

If your car is dented in an accident then reputable car body shops are one of your only ways of repairing the damage and getting a high-quality finish.

If you‘ve had an accident in your car then you should always find a garage you can trust to carry out the work. Unfortunately, some body shops like to play insurance companies and will regularly downplay claims, minimise repair costs, use cheap replica parts, or even not fully repair structural issues in your vehicle after the accident which can be dangerous, as well as devaluing your vehicle.

Car Resprays

When respraying a vehicle, the paint, preparation and application takes time, expensive equipment and money. If you get a cheap quote then proceed with caution as it usually means the respray won’t be done to industry standards, will be quick and fast and you won’t get the high-quality finish you need.

Will the respray or repair match the rest of the car?

If you use a reputable garage that specialises in the bodywork of cars for the manufacturer of your vehicle then yes, they will colour match your vehicle exactly and if it has a specific colour code they will mix the correct variant in their specialist paint mixing area.

Can I have my vehicle repaired at the garage of my choice rather than who my insurance company tells me to?

It is your right to choose who repairs your vehicle although your insurer will have a preference list. Always ask your insurer lots of questions to check what the benefits and disadvantages are of using a garage that isn’t on their preferred garage list so you can make an informed decision. In some cases, you will have to pay for the work to be completed and then your insurance company will assess the work before they release the payment to you. Often if they are on their supplier list then they will pay the garage directly minus your excess.

Will my car ever be the same again after a partial or full respray?

As long as you use a reputable garage who are manufacturer recognised, use their paint and have the respray equipment and paint systems needed for a high-quality finish then it will be repaired and resprayed to its original specification.

Does a repair estimate cost you anything?

No, good and reputable garages won’t charge you for an estimate and we would advise against taking it anywhere that does.

How quickly do you receive a written estimate for the repair work and, or respray?

An estimate is usually e-mailed to you within 24 hours, if it takes any longer then be aware that the garage may be extremely busy so they may not be able to book your car in to be repaired for a few weeks. Ask them when you arrange the estimate how long it will be to receive your quote and how quickly they would be able to do the work.

Do I need to obtain a few estimates/quotes?

You shouldn’t have to but your insurer may ask you to do this if you are claiming against your insurance. A reputable garage will prepare the estimate and provide you and them with a copy. Your insurance company will need to agree the quote before any work begins so always get this in writing from them.

How will I manage without a car when the work is being done?

A reputable and professional garage will offer you a replacement courtesy car if you have this on your insurance and, or will offer a pick up and drop off service to ensure you are able to get to work or back home.

Will my car be repaired to the same standard as the insurance company recommended repairer if I use my own garage?

If you use a reputable garage then yes, they will provide a high-quality service with excellent and safe finishes and offer guarantees of up to 3 years.

Is it worth claiming on your car insurance for a dent and or scratches?

It really depends how much it will cost to get the car repaired, if your insurer will cover the damage, how much excess you would have to pay, if this negates the cost of the repairs, and if you have protected ‘no claims’. There are lots of things to consider before you claim against your insurance so always call them and ask them lots of questions before you make your decision.

Can metallic or pearl effect finishes be repaired?

Yes, a reputable and manufacturer recognised garage will be able to repair metallic, pearl, mica and combination effect paint finishes to its original condition.

Can plastic bumpers and metal panels be repaired?

A professional bodywork and respray garage will be able to repair painted ‘colour-coded’ plastic bumpers, painted metal panels, as well as textured plastic bumpers and trim.

Do you repair stone chips easily?

A professional garage will normally be able to repair stone chips by touching them up rather than a complete respray but this does depend on the size and location of the chips.

How should I look after my car after its repair?

Your garage will advise of any special aftercare when your car is ready for you to drive away.

Do I have to pay my excess even if an accident wasn’t my fault?

This will depend on your insurance company but the normal case is that you will have to pay your own excess which we understand is very frustrating. However, if liability is admitted by the third-party insurance company then sometimes your excess will be waived.

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