What is included in an Audi interim service?

What is included in an Audi interim service?
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Audi Interim Service

Audi produces some of the highest-performance cars on the market today. The mix of luxury and quality makes it the go-to brand for car enthusiasts looking for a thrilling road experience. To enjoy the reliable performance of Audi vehicles, you must maintain and care for them properly. This means having a strict service schedule where you take your car to an Audi-registered garage as per the manufacturer’s servicing manual. So, let us look at what you can expect from an Audi interim service.

What is full service?

A full service is a comprehensive inspection carried out on a vehicle to determine its health and show whether it is safe to drive on the road. It involves at least 50 component checks and system adjustments to ensure your car is functioning at peak performance. Typically, a full service is necessary after every 10,000–12,000 miles of driving and will take at least three hours, depending on the number and complexity of the issues.

What is an interim service?

An interim service is a more basic vehicle inspection compared to a full service and is typically carried out after 5,000–6,000 miles of driving. While it may not serve as a replacement for the annual full service, an interim service helps to deal with issues that may arise in the meantime. Longer journeys can have more of an effect on your car’s performance, and if there are any issues, there can be more serious consequences for your car if left unaddressed. A standard interim service will usually last around an hour and involve fewer checks compared to a full service.

What does an Audi interim service include?

An Audi interim service should always be carried out by a qualified car mechanic at a main dealership or an independent garage like AP Autocare in Bristol, who are main dealer recognised. AP has fully trained mechanics with experience in the main manufacturer’s vehicles as well as the latest diagnostic equipment. An Audi interim service is recommended after every 6,000 miles. Typically, an Audi interim service involves checks on the following components:

Oil and Filter Check

Engine oil plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your car. The mechanic will check the level of your engine oil and top it up to the required level. If necessary, they will replace the old, used oil with new engine oil for better performance.

Windscreen Wiper Check

Windscreen wipers are essential in rainy weather and help to remove dirt and debris that may block your view. However, wipers on all vehicle make and models tend to degrade over time, and an interim service will make sure that they are in good working condition.

Exhaust System Check

A mechanic will examine various parts of the exhaust system during an Audi interim service. These will include the catalytic converter, which serves to eliminate toxic elements from the fumes coming from the engine. They will also examine the components for rust and holes that may be forming in the exhaust system.

Windscreen Wash Check

A windscreen wash is exactly what it sounds like! The windscreen wash washes and wipes away the dust and debris on your windscreen to improve your view of the road ahead. Audi interim services include a check of the windscreen washer levels and a top-up, which may not sound as critical as it is.

Brake Fluid Check

The brake fluid in a vehicle ensures that when you apply pressure to the brakes, the pads and discs stop the car. A small leak can cause the brake fluid to drain out, and this can be dangerous if the brake fluid level is too low; hence, the mechanic will check the brake fluid level in an Audi service to ensure it is okay for efficient and safe braking.

Power Steering Fluid Check

The power steering fluid is as important to steering as brake fluid is to braking. It determines how well you can steer your car, and the levels must be high for this to happen. Any fluid leak or accumulation of air bubbles in the system may compromise your driving. The mechanic will check for this and make the necessary adjustments during your Audi service.

Light Check

The law requires you to have fully functioning lights when driving on the road. The mechanic will check the headlights, rear lights, brake lights, etc. in an Audi service to ensure the wiring is okay and that there is no risk of failure.

Ant-freeze Coolant Check

The anti-freeze coolant is a liquid that circulates through the car’s engine to reduce friction and heat. The radiator requires a healthy amount of coolant to keep the engine cool so the car doesn’t overheat, so the mechanic will ensure there are sufficient levels of anti-freeze in the vehicle. If a car overheats, this can seriously damage your car’s engine, so it is an important check to have done.

Tyre and Pressure Check

The treads on your tyres should be deep enough to enhance your grip on the road. In the UK, it is illegal to drive a car with treads not deeper than 1.6 mm, and this is what your interim service will check. They will also check if the tyre pressure is at the recommended level for the vehicle’s make, model, and driving style.

Charging System Check

The charging system ensures that your car battery is always fully charged. When compromised, your chances of experiencing a dead car battery increase on the road. An interim service will check for any problems in parts like the alternator to ensure your charging system is working just fine.

Steering Check

Several issues can interfere with your steering wheel alignment and pose a challenge when handling your vehicle on the road. If not corrected, it can be extremely dangerous, especially in cold or wet weather. A mechanic will diagnose any issues and repair any faults during an interim service.

Battery Check

The battery is a vital component that powers your vehicle, and it has to be in top condition at all times to give you reliability and efficiency. The service will examine the battery to ensure there are no issues like battery acid spills in the engine or cracks. A faulty battery may end up dying on the road and will require a jump start to get it running. An interim service helps to prevent such incidents.

Shock Absorber Check

The shock absorbers are part of the suspension system and steering and help keep your drive stable in bumpy road conditions. Unfortunately, these deteriorate over time and can make driving extremely uncomfortable. An interim service will check for any degradation and resolve it if required.

Why should you get an Audi interim service?

An interim service goes a long way towards identifying issues long before they arise, allowing your mechanic to offer the relevant adjustments to prevent repairs in the future. Aside from helping to keep you safe on the road, it also saves you the cost of future and often more costly repairs.

How much does an interim service cost?

An interim service will vary in cost depending on the brand of car and the type of garage you visit. However, the standard price will range between £100 and £400 in the UK.

In Summary:

If you drive an Audi, you know how important maintenance is for your vehicle’s health, safety, and efficiency. It is the best way to get the most out of your investment and will almost always extend its life. The guide above explains everything you need to know about an Audi interim service and the benefits of ensuring you have it done.

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