Accident Repair Centre Bristol

Accident Repair Centre Bristol

Accident Repair Centre Bristol – How we can help!

Here at AP Autocare we are used by many as a Car Accident Repair Centre in Bristol – Many customers have questions about what the most common types of repairs are in the AP Autocare garage. This post will answer these questions and also outline how long the repair should take and what is included within the AP Autocare service. If you have any questions about our Accident Repair Centre Bristol service or perhaps you would like to know more about our services? Please do get in touch with a member of our expert team today!

What are the most common types of repairs in Bristol?

Accidents, unfortunately, will happen from time to time but the thing that is important is how you get the car repaired and who you get to do the service. At AP Autocare we see a lot of different cases and cars that require different types of repairs but what is the most common? The most common repairs are as follows: Rear Collision Damage – This usually involves the bumper of the car as this is the most vulnerable part of the car as it absorbs any collision that may happen. Scratches Repair – These can be small hairline scratches to longer car length scratches. Scratches tend to be repaired with wax or with a paint respray of the affected area. Dents Repair – These are very common and are caused by minor bumps and knocks to cars – Dents are usually repaired using a vacuum device restoring the car to its former structure Front Collision Damage – The front of the car can often be the first point of direct contact and is therefore extremely vulnerable with collisions. The front bumper is usually the part that needs to be repaired.

How long should the repair take?

As with most automotive jobs it is hard to give an exact estimate on how long a job should take – We will provide an estimated amount of time that the work will take when the car is brought to us here at AP Autocare – In some cases the job may require very little time such as minor scratch repairs, however, for front-end collisions there may be a longer turnaround time.

The AP Autocare Service

Here at AP Autocare we take the time to assess each car on a case by case basis – What this means for you the customer is that the service we provide is specifically tailored to your car. It is important to check the entire car for any problems as even with small minor crashes other areas of the car may be affected not just the impact area. Before purchasing any service or product it is always important to do research about the company you are going to be starting a business relationship with. We are proud to provide an exceptional level of customer service at AP Autocare – Our Accident Repair Centre in Bristol has a 5 star review out of 5 on auto – one customer describes our service as a “breath of fresh air” as we are open, honest, helpful and didn’t push any sales on the customer. Please do get in touch with a member of the AP Autocare team today and we can become your Accident Repair Centre in Bristol.

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