5 Best Porsches Ever

5 Best Porsches Ever

Porsche are one of the most recognisable car producers in the world. Everyone knows what you mean when you mention a “911” and the more recent introduction of the Boxster has added another name to the list of Porsche household names. Here is our list of the best 5 Porsche ever to hit the street of Bristol:


The Turbo S, with its 550 horsepower liquid-cooled V8 offers colossal power to anyone lucky enough to own one. It is true that it doesn’t stick to the road like other Porsche models, but you are more likely to be driving it around the streets of Bristol or on the M4 than on the track at LeMans. Power to get past any car and caravan combination (and look good whooshing past)

2. 2011 PORSCHE 911 GT2

In 2007, as the 911 was starting to show it’s age, Porsche did the unthinkable – it engineered and installed a liquid-cooled engine. Although there were some who disliked the break from tradition, it was long overdue and the results were incredible. A smaller, powerful, efficient, cleaner engine and it no longer sounded like a propeller plane and more like a jet engine. 620 horsepower means 0-60mph in under 3 seconds


The Boxster, Porsche’s ‘cheapest car’ (not the Spyder shown here). Taking Porsche back to it’s original styling and feel the Boxster has a rear engine that produces 245-horsepower and will get you from 0 to 60mph in under 6 seconds. We love this car because the price opened the Porsche to a whole new market. Not exactly for the masses, you could buy a his and hers ‘VW Golf’ for similar money, but more affordable for the common man who loves a quality sports car. The model was intermittently improved until, in our opinion, it reached the pinnacle with the RS60 Spyder.


It seems strange when we see so many ‘open top’ Porsches these days that the car was made for so many decades with just a solid roof. The first cabriolet was built as a concept car for display at car shows around the world, but proved so popular it went in to production in 1983 and the “fastest convertible ever built” (at the time anyway) was born. With an acceleration of 0-60 mph in a little over 6 seconds it produced enough of ‘whirl wind’ to spawn so may Porsche convertibles ever since.


Okay, I know! Not for everyone. Like the savoury spread on your toast in the morning you either “love it, or hate it” – but it has opened up Porsche to a whole new audience and will save Porsche from having to make a battery powered version of the 911 etc. A 4×4 Porsche, and SUV Porsche a sensible family Porsche – unthinkable when the year started in a ’19”, but come the new millennium and anything is possible. Whilst I agree with most recognised ‘critics’ that the original 2005 Cayenne looked a little ‘ugly’ from behind, and a little to much like a Renault Scenic from the front – the last decade has seen the duckling become a swan. The ‘hybrid’ model, second only to the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in hybrid miles per gallon, means a ‘greener’ Porsche model exists. Porsche has green credentials. So even if you are a Porsche purest and not a fan of the Cayenne, at least Porsche won’t have to mess with a model you love to be ‘green’ – a battery powered 911 any better for you? It opens up the Porsche market to the ‘Executive’ travelling to and from meetings, the school run and family holidays. That can only be a good thing, can’t it?

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