Scratch Repair Brislington

Scratch Repair Brislington

Scrapes and scratches can drastically lower the value of your car. Keeping your car looking as good as it did when you first got it can be difficult, even for the best of drivers. Small scratches and scrapes can happen anywhere, such as your local supermarket carpark or a narrow country lane. Our highly experienced team at AP Autocare are trained to perform high quality scratch repair on vehicles in and around the Brislington area. Visit our garage today for a scratch repair evaluation or call us on 0117 963 8916 or book online here

Types of scratches

The type of car scratch will determine the method of scratch repair that we use. At our garage in Brislington in Bristol, we have the latest in car spraying and scratch repair technology to give you the best vehicle body work repair around. Our experienced scratch repair team can evaluate your paint damage and provide you with the best method and the cost to repair the scratch.

  1. Minor scratches – These are the easiest to take care of and highly common, but are less noticeable on vehicles. They occur from simply brushing up against a hedge or using a dirty towel when wiping the surface. They can be fixed by hand polishing or light buffing of the affected area
  2. Major scratches – These are more noticeable than minor scratches as the scratch has gone through the protective clear coating and taken off some of the paint. Our best scratch repair method for major scratches is to polish the affected area and apply a touch up paint to replace the pain that was taken away during the impact, whether it be with a tree, lamppost or wall.
  3. Severe scratches – These are the most noticeable and most difficult to cover up and repair. The scratch has penetrated the clear protective coat AND the paint so has opened up the metal. This means the surface is at risk of rusting if left untreated. We repair severe scratches by cleaning the area and applying touch up paint before the area rusts.

With most things surrounding cars, it is hard to get it right and if you get it wrong, it can go very wrong. Our skilled scratch repair and replacement paint team are experienced in a wide range of scratch types on a wide variety of cars and colours. This means we can select the best colour for your car to repair your major or severe scratch so you are not left with an off colour scratch repair, that potentially looks worse than the original scratch!

How can I prevent scratches?

To save you money on repairs and to keep your car looking its’ best, follow these helpful tips:

  1. Park sensibly – Often in car parks, a simple gust of wind or too hard of a push can mean you bumping a car adjacent to yours or a lamppost/pillar. Leaving yourself plenty of room to get out will stop you from hitting any objects and damaging yours or someone else’s car.
  2. Drive sensibly – Avoid, if possible, any situations where you are required to put your car into a hedge which will inevitably scratch the surface. Also, when new gravel or road paving has been laid, driving slowly can minimise the amount of stones that flick up and scratch your paintwork.
  3. Regularly clean your car properly – This doesn’t mean going to an automatic garage cleaner as their harsh brushes can often leave minor scratches. The best method is to wash all the dirt off with a pressure washer or hosepipe and then use clean soapy water to wash the rest of the dirt, ensuring no grit is on your sponge when re-washing.

AP Autocare has been providing quality car scratch repairs and car bodywork damage to Brislington and other surrounding areas in Bristol since opening in 1976. We pride ourselves on being one of the most reputable and trusted MOT and service centres, with pick up/drop off services and courtesy cars available to make your car scratch repair as quick and easy as possible. We are so sure our work is reliable, we provide you with 12 month labour and parts warranty on all of our work completed, and goes through a thorough inspection before being shown to you.

If you are interested in one of our team inspecting your car for our scratch repair service, bring your vehicle into our garage in Brislington and we will advise you on the work required. If you’d like to learn more on our scratch repair service, visit our body work repairs page or call our garage on 0117 963 8916 or book online here

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