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Published: Monday 21st June 2021

Car Cleaning Guide

Car Cleaning Guide Keeping your car in its’ best condition should be one of your top priorities. Not only just mechanically but aesthetically. Your car is legally required to adhere to a list of safety and performance regulations, from the …

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Published: Monday 17th May 2021

Top 7 Car Issues

Top 7 Car Issues Keeping your car on the road can be not only difficult and time-consuming, but expensive too. Modern cars now have many different parts that only specialists are able to completely repair or replace using special equipment and …

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Published: Monday 12th October 2020

Bumper Scuff Repairs

Bumper Scuff Repairs Discussed by AP Autocare in Bristol Whether you have a brand new car or an older car there is nothing more annoying than you or someone else scuffing, bumping or scratching your bumper. You can sometimes remove the scuffs …

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Published: Thursday 17th September 2020

Toyota Car Garage Bristol

Toyota Cars Discussed by AP Autocare With over 2.3M cars manufactured in 2019, Toyota Cars are amongst the most popular cars in the world. AP Autocare is Bristol’s favourite car garage for Toyota cars. Popular Toyota models, that AP …

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Published: Friday 14th August 2020

Reasons my Car is Stalling

Reasons my Car is Stalling discussed by AP Autocare There are lots of reasons why your car might stall and they aren't always user error. When your car stalls at a junction or traffic lights it can make you panic trying to get it started again, …

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Published: Thursday 23rd July 2020

Vehicle Brakes & Clutches Bristol

Vehicle Brakes & Clutches Bristol Discussed by AP Autocare Lots of us haven't been using our cars as much as we did over the last few months and it may be that you've started using your car more regularly again and the brakes or clutch …

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Published: Monday 22nd June 2020

Car Dashboard Warning Light Meanings

What do Car Dashboard Warning Light Meanings Discussed by AP Autocare It doesn't matter whether you drive a lot, long distances, short journeys or infrequently, understanding your dashboard warning light symbols is essential to driving safety …

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Published: Wednesday 8th April 2020

Car Air Conditioning FAQ’s

Car Air Conditioning FAQ’s discussed by AP Autocare Bristol Most vehicles today have air conditioning and being without it in the summer can be a real inconvenience as we have now all come to rely on it and it also de-mists your windscreen …

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Published: Thursday 26th March 2020

Engine Re-Mapping FAQ's

Engine Re-Mapping Services from AP Autocare Partners with Pendle Performance Who is Pendle Performance? Pendle Performance is a tuning company which was started over 26 years ago and has a wealth of knowledge and many years of first-han…

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Published: Thursday 13th February 2020

Bodywork & Paint Repair FAQs

Bodywork & Paint Repair FAQ's discussed by AP Autocare in Bristol Whether it is a minor dent to your bodywork or paintwork, or you’ve had an accident and you need panels or bumpers replaced or you need a full or part respray then it’s …

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