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Published: Thursday 26th March 2015

How Air Conditioning Works

Having air conditioning in the car is essential for hot days and muggy weather. It works by reducing any moisture and humidity, as well as cooling the air. This is the same way air conditioning systems are used in buildings. Air conditioning has …

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Published: Thursday 19th March 2015

A Detailed Look at ECU Remapping

We can’t think of anything worse when you hear your vehicle technician vocalise all these fancy words which you don’t fully understand and ECU remapping is probably one of them! So let us explain to you exactly what it means… So what is ECU? …

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Published: Monday 2nd March 2015

7 Most Common Failures During an MOT Test

If your MOT is due soon, don’t be surprised if there’s something that catches you out when you take it in to the garage. Check out our list of the top 7 most common causes of a failed MOT…and a few facts on just how easily they can be fixed. • …

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Published: Tuesday 17th February 2015

MOT Check List

Did you know a new vehicle will not need to have an MOT test for the first three years? But did you also know that different rules apply if the vehicle is being used as a licensed minicab or taxi. An MOT only checks some of the important features …

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