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Why Use AP Autocare For Your MOT and Service?

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    • Celebrating over 40 years in business
    • Bristol’s premier trusted car service centre
    • Same day service
    • Registered Good Garage Scheme Member
    • VOSA Authorised MOT centre
    • Experienced and friendly staff

MOT Centre Bristol | MOT Testing & Service Garage Bristol

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Every vehicle on the road in the UK must have an MOT. A valid MOT certificate certifies that your vehicle is safe to be on the road. Your vehicle must go through an MOT every year and be certified by a qualified MOT centre, such as AP Autocare. We undertake MOTs on a wide variety of vehicles, including class 4 vehicles, class 5 vehicles, and class 7 vehicles. We also offer FREE re-tests on vehicles that we perform an MOT on, so if your vehicle does fail on a certain part, we can make any required repairs and put it through its MOT once more for it to pass for FREE.

AP Autocare is the biggest independent multi-manufacturer specialist in Bristol and specialises in Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, BMW, Mini, Porsche, Citroen, Land Rover, and Peugeot. Using us for your MOT, service and repairs means you will pay a fair price and much less than the main dealer’s prices


AP Autocare Ltd MOT & Service Centre

Our Services

AP Autocare is one of Bristol’s best and most trusted car garages. We have been trading for over 40 years and provide the very best customer service to every one of our customers. We are very proud of the positive reputation that we have gained over the years, and we strive to provide our customers with great service for their vehicles every time. We offer a wide range of different repair services on a huge variety of different vehicle makes and models. What’s more is that every repair, service or car sale is covered by a 12-month guarantee, which means you know that it won’t let you down! If you’d like to know more about how our team of experienced and qualified mechanics here at AP Autocare can help you, please call us on 0117 963 8916.

As one of the leading car garages in Bristol, we offer a massive range of car-related services so that you can keep your vehicle in running order all under one roof.

Our Car Servicing

Regular car servicing plays a crucial role in maintaining the optimal performance and longevity of a vehicle. It involves routine servicing and checks that go beyond just the ones you should do at home yourself. Keeping your vehicle running smoothly is essential for safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. By adhering to a regular servicing schedule, you can ensure that your vehicles remain in the best condition, benefiting both you and your vehicle.

Car servicing is not only about changing oils and filters; it encompasses a thorough inspection of the essential components of a vehicle. A full car service includes checking the brakes, suspension, steering, exhaust, oil, fluids, and lights, as well as performing an overall safety check. It can also include a full diagnostic check of the vehicle’s engine, transmission, and other components, depending on the age of the car.

During a service, our technicians will conduct a brake check to ensure they are working as they should. By identifying worn brake pads or brake fluid leaks early, you can avoid costly repairs, and, more importantly, potential brake failure, which is a leading cause of accidents that can be prevented. 

Furthermore, regular servicing involves the replacement of key components like the engine’s oil and air filters, and the checking of the spark plugs. By checking and replacing these essential components, your vehicle’s performance is optimised, leading to smoother operation and potentially costly repairs down the line. The timely replacement of a vehicle’s air filter not only improves engine efficiency but also prevents contaminants from entering the engine, reducing the risk of damage during its lifespan, as well as extending it. The performance-enhancing measures that take place during a service will result in a more reliable and efficient vehicle.

The Importance of Car Servicing and Safety

Regular car servicing is paramount for your and other road users’ safety. During routine maintenance checks and servicing, potential hazards can be identified and rectified before they escalate. This subsequently ensures safer driving conditions for both the vehicle’s occupants and other road users. During service, if brake pads are found to be worn and replaced, it significantly reduces the risk of brake failure, which can lead to accidents. As well as this, the inspection of critical safety features such as airbags, seat belts, and lights guarantees that these components are in optimal working condition, enhancing the overall safety of the vehicle. 

Regular servicing and your annual MOT also include checking the functionality of lights, indicators, and other electrical systems, which are essential for visibility and communication on the road. For example, ensuring that all lights are working correctly not only helps the driver see the road clearly at night but also makes the vehicle more visible to other drivers, reducing the chances of accidents due to poor visibility. By addressing safety aspects comprehensively during our servicing, the overall safety standards of the vehicle are enhanced, making it less susceptible to unforeseen issues on the road.

The Performance Benefits of Routine Servicing

Regular servicing not only ensures the longevity of a vehicle but also offers a multitude of performance benefits. The checks we carry out during a service allow early detection and resolution of potential issues before they become major problems for you. This proactive approach not only saves you money on future repairs but also prevents sudden breakdowns that catch you unaware.

The replacement of crucial components like engine oil, filters, and spark plugs during servicing also plays a vital role in enhancing your vehicle’s overall performance. A vehicle with clean engine oil and well-functioning spark plugs will experience improved fuel efficiency and smoother acceleration. By prioritising routine servicing and component replacements, you can ensure that your vehicle operates optimally, delivering the performance you would expect.

Another key benefit of regular car servicing is the positive impact it has on your fuel consumption. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure and having balanced tyres play a crucial role in improving your fuel economy and your vehicle’s efficiency. When tyres are underinflated, more fuel is needed to move the vehicle due to increased rolling resistance, ultimately affecting the overall efficiency of your car. 

In addition to tyre maintenance, regular oil changes and air filter replacements are also essential to maximising your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine, reducing friction and improving its overall performance. Over time, oil breaks down and becomes less effective, impacting the engine’s efficiency. By changing the oil at recommended intervals, you can ensure that the engine operates smoothly, leading to better fuel economy. Similarly, a clean air filter allows the engine to receive an optimal air-to-fuel ratio, promoting efficient combustion. Neglecting to replace a clogged air filter can restrict airflow, causing the engine to work harder and consume more fuel. These servicing checks contribute significantly to the vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency, saving you money, as well as increasing the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine as it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Having your car or other vehicle serviced is vital to its running and the general health of your car. During a service, our highly trained car mechanics check over a set list of components on your vehicle and provide you with a full report of each when it is complete. They will advise you on any repair work that your vehicle may require for it to perform at its best, as well as be safe on the roads. 

When comparing the cost of a service and MOT in Bristol, we are Bristol’s largest multi-manufacturer independent specialist for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, BMW, Mini, Porsche, Citroen, Land Rover, and Peugeot. This means you gave all the specialist knowledge required for your vehicle’s make and model at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer service, or MOT.

Moreover, a full service with our experienced team involves checking fluids and components and plays a crucial role in preventing unexpected breakdowns and increasing fuel efficiency. By conducting our thorough servicing inspections and necessary replacements during a full service, we can identify potential issues and rectify them before they escalate, saving you both time and money in the long run. AP Autocare’s proactive approach to car maintenance is highly beneficial for car owners looking to ensure the reliability and value retention of their vehicles.

AP Autocare and most manufacturers recommend an interim service every 6 months. Our interim servicing checks focus on maintaining essential components and systems, contributing to your car’s overall performance and safety. Giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is in optimal condition and less prone to unexpected malfunctions on the road.


At AP Autocare, we offer two different car services suitable for any vehicle over 5 years of age.

AP Autocare Standard Servicing Costs

Standard Interim Service from £135, where engine size CC is under 2.0 – During this service, the basic components of your vehicle are checked, plus a replacement oil filter is included, along with a full oil refill.

Standard Full Service from £299, where engine size CC is under 2.0 – This service, includes all parts that an interim service checks and replaces, plus your air filter, fuel filter, and spark plugs are all changed, on top of more in-depth checks throughout your vehicle.

Bristol MOTs At AP Autocare 

Best Mot & Service Centre - AP Autocare LtdMOTs and servicing are essential components of vehicle maintenance and safety in Bristol, and both provide peace of mind to car owners. By adhering to a regular servicing schedule, you can prolong the lifespan of your vehicle and maintain optimal performance levels, saving you money in the long run. 

MOT tests are mandatory for vehicles over three years old in the UK, serving as a crucial safety measure to ensure that UK vehicles meet environmental standards and roadworthiness standards. An MOT test checks essential components such as brakes, lights, tyres, and emissions to guarantee that the vehicle is safe to be on the road. Not adhering to these regulations can have serious consequences, including fines and your insurance becoming void, as well as you and other road users not being safe.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an MOT and Servicing Garage in Bristol

Choosing the right MOT and servicing garage in Bristol is important for your vehicle, your safety, and the costs associated with running a car. 

    • Look for a garage that has accreditations  
    • Look for a garage that has good customer reviews
    • Choose a garage that is a member of the Good Garage Scheme
    • Find a garage that has experience in the make and model of your vehicle
    • Choose a garage that is main dealer recognised and holds manufacturer accreditations
    • Pick a garage that has dealer-level diagnostic equipment suitable for your make and model of car
    • Find a garage that provides you with a written service report 
    • Locate a garage that offers an urgent repair and replacement service so if you have a problem with your car, they can repair it for you quickly
    • As above, this means if an issue is picked up during your car service or MOT, they can fix the problem without you having to take it to another garage
    • Choose a garage whose repairs are covered by a 12-month guarantee
    • Ask the garage if they will provide a no-obligation quote for any repair costs
    • Choose a garage that has an easy initial booking process

AP Autocare’s supplementary garage services in Bristol ensure that our customers receive comprehensive care for their vehicles all under one roof, making the overall MOT, servicing, and repair experience more convenient and efficient for you as a car owner.

We offer competitive prices and services specifically for your air conditioning, tyres, exhaust, brakes, clutch, and bodywork, including paint repairs. Please call so that we can provide you with a price based on the suggested service schedule if your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.

We are located in Bedminster, Bristol, within a short walking distance of Bristol City Centre. Our friendly team will be happy to help answer any questions you have before you book your vehicle in with us or after. If you are interested in any of our expert services, or to book your MOT, service, or repair, call us today on 0117 963 8916

You can book your vehicle service in 5 simple steps with your vehicle registration. BOOK YOUR VEHICLE IN ONLINE HERE

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